Arrest warrant issued for Prophet Angel

via Arrest warrant issued for Prophet Angel – NewZimbabwe 14 February 2015

A HARARE magistrate has issued an arrest warrant against Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire after he failed to appear in court to answer fraud charges relating to a $300,000 Bentley.

Mudzanire, one of the leading merchants of the so-called prosperity gospel, is understood to be no longer based in Zimbabwe and shuttles between the United States and Britain.

The arrest warrant was issued over a case in which Harare businessman Ndabazinengi Shava claims that Angel took his Bentley Continental on the promise that it was a “seed” that would reap riches of much greater value for him in return.

Shava claims the promised riches never materialised.

The arrested warrant, issued by magistrate Tendai Mahwe reads: “From the information taken upon oath, there are reasonable grounds of suspicion against Ubert Angel Mudzanire, founder of Spirit Embassy Church with no further particulars known, committed a crime of fraud as defined in Section 136 Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 which occurred sometime in June 2013.

“It is alleged that he intentionally misrepresented to Shava Ndabazinengi. . .being the director of Faith-Edge Holdings (in Harare) that if he cedes his motor vehicle, a Bentley Continental, black in colour on registration number ACO 1759, engine number CKHOO2121, chasis number SCBDH23WOBC68373, complainant would in eight months receive several vehicles, assets and money as blessings and if nothing materialises the accused person would return the same motor vehicle to the complainant when in actual fact all this was not true and instead the accused person sold the car without the complainant thereby converting the proceeds to his own use.

“These are (police) therefore in the State’s name to command you that immediately upon sight apprehend and bring the said person or cause him to be apprehended and brought before the court of a magistrate to be examined and to answer to the said information and to be further dealt with according to law.”

Efforts to reach Angel for comment were unsuccessful but a spokesman recently claimed that the preacher had survived a cancer scare.


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    haaaa;vanhu veZimbabwe ngavakwane munjere kwete kuita semazungairwa. Surely, this guyz (the complainant) being a director of some company of some sort should have been the 1st person to know kuti upfumi hunoshandigwa nesimba – kwete zvekunyengerana zvanotaurirana kumadzichechi dzavo dzenhemha. Iye muchinda iyeyu anoda kutowongorogwa kuti Bentley yacho iyoyo anga amboiwana seyi on the 1st place. Was it really thru traceable hard work kana kuti kuba koga koga. How can an honest hard worker who earlier worked hard enough to buy such a luxury item just wake up one day and give it way hope to receive higher valued lumps of manna from heaven without sweat? Hazvishamisi here izvozvo? Or, achipa Angel motor iyoyo aiti arikutenga chii chazvo-chaizvo? Ngaabude pachena munhu uyu – aitsvaka zvikwambo. Vemhuri yake ngavatofara kuti akazvishaiwa zvikwambo zvaaida kuti zvigomutsvakira mari avete; asi kuguma kwazvo zvichizopedza vemhuri vasina mhaka.

    Eheee. Mudzanire ngasungwe zvake; asi uyu munhu ngaasiye zvekutsvaka zvikwambo. Pada midzimu yedzinza yakatomira kuti Mudzanire atadze kumupa kana kumutsvakira chikwambo chaaida.

    Hanzi: Enda kumujuru iwe simbe ………. ugova wakachenjera.

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    what is this seed? a seed that never grows. Come on Zimbabweans, we`re smarter than this, surely.

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    Patriotic 7 years ago

    DESPERATE Zimbabweans! False Prophets