Aspiring MP flees home citing intimidation

Source: Aspiring MP flees home citing intimidation – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 31, 2016

RENEWAL Democrats for Zimbabwe (RDZ) candidate for Mazowe North by elections, Elias Malukula has fled the constituency following alleged intimidation from Zanu PF candidate Martin Dinha’s supporters.


Malukula told NewsDay yesterday that some of his close relatives have gone into hiding following numerous night visits by strangers travelling in unmarked cars, who were demanding that he withdraws his candidature ahead of the July 23 by-elections.

Dinha and Malukula are the only candidates contesting the by-election to fill the vacancy created by the death of Zanu PF legislator Edgar Chidavaenzi in March this year.

Dinha, who is also Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister, was last week unanimously endorsed as Zanu PF candidate after interested party members were allegedly ordered to pull out of the race by commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.

“Since the nomination court on Friday, Zanu PF officials didn’t imagine being opposed. So since then they have been coming to my close relatives including my mother and brothers, so I withdraw my candidature,” Malukula said.

“They have promised me a farm and a residential stand if I stand down. However, I see no reason to do that. I will be a candidate representing RDZ. After nomination, they drafted a withdrawal a letter that was left at my house and affidavits I must complete, but that is not going to happen.”

He said he has chosen to leave the constituency for a while to avoid the menacing Zanu PF officials, who are threatening him.
NewsDay gleaned a draft letter allegedly sent to Malukula.

RDZ president, Elton Mangoma said such intimidation had no place in a democratic society.

“This is intimidation which we clearly do not want. People are supposed to choose their representatives freely and we will continue to watch and monitor this harassment, so that it doesn’t get out of hand. We want to make sure Zanu PF respects the will of the people and that the people of Mazowe North are given a chance to choose a representative that they want,” he said.
Dinha’s mobile went unanswered yesterday.


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    Planter 6 years ago

    Dhina is a man who is known to have taken bribes of farmers for protection – but hey guess what he is endorsed so he’s ok corrupt corrupt this lot will never ever do anything for the people or to carry out their jobs as they have been given the mandate to do by none other than ourselves….
    If I start a job anywhere and I dont perform – its a verbal warning , then another verbal, then a written warning then its out the door buddy!!! this lot take that a step further – first they dont/cant do there jobs but they rob the very employer – us then they get endorsed to carry on. If Dhina is successful this will be his second job – no doubt with a second salary and full benifits – he cant even carry out his first job so ho hum ……….

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    henry chimbiri 6 years ago

    the scandal of martin Dhina’s date of birth and chief chiweshe’s case of assault is the evil standind within martin ‘s anatomical behaviour of violence. the by-election in mazoe north will obviously show you a deeper cruelty of martin’s side. he was one of MDC lawyers in 2001and 2002 representing us in mashonaland central province and would sell you out in court to zanu pf during a court session. he is a SELLOUT and a terrorist in nature.