Baba Jukwa: Editor questions Makedenge’s US journey

via Baba Jukwa: Editor questions Makedenge’s US journey 9 October 2014 by Charles Laiton

SUNDAY Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who is awaiting trial on charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally elected government through “waging cyber war”, has expressed doubt CID Law and Order boss Assistant Commissioner Chrispen Makedenge ever went to the United States to get information from Facebook and Google over his case.

On Monday this week, Kudzayi’s application to be removed from remand was dismissed by a Harare magistrate on the basis that police were carrying out extra-territorial investigations in the United States.

But in an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Kudzayi challenged Makedenge to prove that he had left for the US to investigate the case.

“If he is not lying, then let him produce his passport. I know he will never produce that passport,” Kudzayi said.

“Last year, Facebook received over 20 000 information requests from law enforcement agents across the globe. These requests are processed via online forms.

It’s ridiculous to suggest that police officers from countries such as Pakistan, Jamaica and Indonesia travel to America and stand in queues at Facebook headquarters. There is no Facebook executive that met with Makedenge.”

Kudzayi alleged that there were attempts to protect some very powerful people who were afraid he would expose them for feeding Baba Jukwa with information.
“These are outrageous and laughable allegations, but the truth is about to come out; the very long arm of the law will soon catch up with everyone who has been trying to take the nation for a ride with this shameless cover-up masquerading as an investigation,” he said.

He claimed that that he at one time caught red-handed, an official who was trying to delete incriminating evidence.

“We have evidence and witnesses that will testify,” Kudzayi said. Makedenge could not be reached for comment yesterday as his phone was not being answered.

A US embassy official also declined to say if Makedenge had been issued with a visa to travel to the US insisting such information was confidential.

Kudzayi together with his elder brother Philip were arrested mid-year, and charged with attempting to unseat the government through the creation of a shadowy Facebook character Baba Jukwa.

They were remanded to November 14 this year for the provision of the trial date.


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    To Chihuri – Mugabe’s Mahuri, and all the other Mugabe Mahuris like Grace – carry on with all your evil ways because the Tokoloshe can see everything that you are doing. Look at the leader of Kenya – the Tokoloshe has no boundaries in Africa. The Tokoloshe will get you all to The Hague.

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