Ban non-digital TV sets imports: Parly

via Ban non-digital TV sets imports: Parly | The Herald 4 September 2014

Imports of television sets that are not digitally compliant should be banned as all services within Southern Africa will be digital by next year.
A parliamentary portfolio committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, chaired by Umzingwane MP Cde William Dhewa (Zanu-PF), recommended that it was not prudent to allow people to continue buying television receivers that used analogue as the region’s broadcasting equipment should have migrated to digital by next year

“All television viewing equipments in homes should be able to receive signal from the studio via transmitters.
“Households would need to set top boxes which allow the use of old analogue television sets or throwing away the same old analogue television sets for new ones with in-build in digital tunes,” said Mr Dhewa.

The committee bemoaned the lack of funding to ensure that Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation migrate to the digital platform.
Cde Dhewa also said there was need to realign media laws with the Constitution of Zimbabwe to avoid unnecessary legal battles.

Meanwhile, The Public Accountants and Auditors Amendment Bill was tabled before Parliament yesterday. Finance and Economic Development Deputy Minister Samuel Undenge, read the Bill for the first time before Speaker of the National Assembly, Cde Jacob Mudenda, referred it to the Parliamentary Legal committee.

The Bill provides for the registration of public accountants and public auditors and establishes the Public Accountants and Auditors Board.
The Board would register and act as a regulatory body for public accountants and auditors and their representative bodies.

There was heated debate in the House when legislators failed to agree on a motion by Ms Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga (MDC) calling for the amendment of the War Veterans Act.

Ms Misihairabwi-Mushonga said there was need to review the way of appointing heroes, adding that only those who assumed positions in Government had high chances of landing the national hero status.

This drew criticism from some Zanu-PF legislators who accused her of distorting what was happening.
Makoni South MP Cde Mandi Chimene (Zanu-PF), said members of the revolutionary party knew each other and those who deserved to be conferred with hero status.
Shamva South MP, Cde Joseph Mapiki, accused MDC-T MPs of seeking to be included in the conferment of hero status.


  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    What business is it of this moron what tv’s people buy?

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    @John Thomas-Mr Dhewa is 100% correct because these unscrupulous businessmen will sell items they know are not compatible with the new tv transmission system required internationally.ZTV should be compelled to comply with the new international tv signal transmission to allow us more tv channels and easy tv pay programs.
    Only sets with dual tuners should be allowed into the country.What I mean is that sets with both analogue and digital tuners should be sold in the country so that by the time ZTV switches over to digital transmission,we the customers do not have to change tv sets or get digital/analogue converters for our home sets.I was really surprised to read this bright idea from one of our mps.Well done mp.

  • comment-avatar
    tfara 8 years ago

    Why ban them, why not just educate people. I might want an analogue TV to to hook onto my video or DVD player and am not interested in watching what is broadcast.
    Why do we always have to play God.?

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    @tfara-I do understand your empty fears because these sets are designed to follow the end results of sound and picture formats.You will still be able to connect your DVD and other items because the sets still drive analog speakers,therefore input jacks and output jacks are compatible with current analog sets,however there are additional jacks for digital inputs or outputs for hooking modern digital equipment.
    These tv receivers are different from the analog sets mainly in the tuner stages and intermediate stages but they are similar to the old sets after the digital/analog [digital to analog] converters.I have a digital set with dual tuner,I have no problems attaching analog DVD and other units to it.These digital receivers give you high quality pictures ie HDTV.