Biti lays into Tsvangirai

via Biti lays into Tsvangirai – The Zimbabwean 10 September 2015

Tendai Biti has laid into his former boss, MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, describing him as a thief who should be ashamed of demanding terminal perks from the Zanu (PF) government.

The Renewal Team leader’s latest statements are seen as denting hopes of the opposition forming a successful coalition that would challenge Zanu (PF) at the 2018 elections.
Biti’stTeam, which split from MDC-T in early 2014, is expected to transform into a political party – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

In an exclusive interview this week, Biti acknowledged the need for the opposition to form a political convergence, but virtually ruled out working with Tsvangirai.

 “No single party can dislodge Zanu (PF) and Mugabe, hence the need to establish a strong frontline of the opposition. We are prepared to work with principled and like-minded political movements, but there are some who are difficult to engage. Some of the leaders have no conscience or morality as they are busy womanising and demanding stipends from Zanu (PF), the devil.

They are living in houses provided by Zanu (PF),” said Biti.
He said he had no personal feelings against Tsvangirai, saying “I don’t hate him. I pity him.” But he poured scorn on the MDC-T leader over his reported demands for terminal benefits for the time he worked as prime minister under the GNU.

“Some leaders believe in the politics of prosperity and looting of state resources, but we must change this. Where in the world does it say a prime minister must get terminal benefits for serving in that position?” added Biti. “We don’t share the same values with MDC-T.

Morgan Tsvangirai was a thief. He slept at the wheel during the GNU and his party is founded on violence. That is why we decided to part ways last year.” Following the split, there were sharp disagreements over party property, with both sides resorting to grabbing assets and accusing each other of stealing money from the coffers.

MDC Reunification
Biti said his party would continue to pursue a coalition with other opposition formations, namely Zapu led by former Zanu (PF) heavyweight, Dumiso Dabengwa, Mavambo headed by ex-politburo member Simba Makoni, the MDC led by Welshman Ncube and the National Constitutional Assembly headed by law professor, Lovemore Madhuku.

He is also seeking reunification with Ncube’s MDC after a false start and an agreement that the Renewal Team must first transform into a political party.

Biti said his party would usher in a new political dispensation that discouraged leaders who stayed in power for too long.
“There has to be a new narrative that goes beyond egocentric personalities, big cliques and politicians who are beyond their sell-by dates,” said Biti.

He said turbulence in Zanu (PF) provided his party and the broader opposition with a chance to establish robust politics, saying they would tap into the older generation in former Zanu (PF) members to blend it with the younger generation of politicians.

“We have come to realise the MDC, going back to 1999 when we launched the party, did not have a heritage. The party was composed mainly of younger generation cadres who had no direct link with the past. Our party understands the need for generational balance that includes pan-Africanism, the value of the war of liberation and democracy.

“The splits in Zanu (PF) therefore present us with the opportunity to complete a generational equation that brings the past and present together in order to forge a successful future. There is no manual for democratisation and we must not be blamed for past mistakes,” said Biti.

Electoral reforms
He reiterated the Renewal Team’s position that his party would not participate in the 2018 elections if there are no meaningful electoral reforms, adding that Zimbabwe must be governed by a National Transitional Authority (NTA) in preparation for 2018.

The NTA would be an inclusive organ bringing together leaders from all sectors of society and be guided by the tenets of constitutionality, adherence to democratic electoral principles and the social contract that recognises the importance of citizen participation and partnerships.

“Without the NTA, Zanu (PF) can consolidate its hold on power.
He admitted that his formation was experiencing severe financial problem.
“We are scratching the barrel. The 2013 elections brought this about as donors have pulled out and left us on our own,” he said.


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    THERE IS NO FUTURE WITHOUT COMPROMISE You africans are your own worst enemies GET REAL

    • comment-avatar
      Rwendo 7 years ago

      Mugabe’s first cabinet, after a brutal war and a election campaign in 1980, included ministers from Smith’s RF.

      Biti, it’s called putting national interests before personal vendettas or party differences.

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 7 years ago

    Biti is a political idiot if he thinks that he can get mass support from the electorate. All the split parties together will not get a 150 000 votes because they are “office parties” without wide-spread support of voters and they are all in it to get positions.

    One has to wonder what he is in fact thinking – he tried to hijack the MDC – was not successful in doing it – and now he is jumping around like a headless chicken thinking that he would get support from somewhere.

    Why not work together in the interest of the populace and not in personal interest.

  • comment-avatar
    Washumba 7 years ago

    Idiot, even Father Zim was wearing dresses to run away from the beast, but for the good of Zim he worked with the beast. I was taught never to say never. Where will he look when they start working together.

  • comment-avatar
    Kushaya mano 7 years ago

    Biting, your group is nothing but a bunch of crooks and power hungry stooges. U are educated but alas that knowledge went to waste. U are useless, why do you attack Tsvangirai all the time.Enda unofa nechiparty chako.

  • comment-avatar
    Alfred Muzvidziwa 7 years ago

    Biti is naught ,selfish he think academic qualification can lead the country .you are blindfolded mufana go back to the drawing board and restart your lies you was groomed by MDC now you think people of Zimbabwe are naught as you are.Zimbabwean need someone with vision not money lovers like you,go to the toilet and check you back. You will never lead Zimbabwe you are too emotional mufana .

  • comment-avatar
    solidarity 7 years ago

    Biti is just seeking recognition by vomiting his venom against Tsvangirai. He must ask his friend Welshman Ncube who is now buried after leaving Tsvangirai. you accused Tsvangirai of violence when you were the Secretary General funding that violence shame on you

  • comment-avatar
    Frank Gebru 7 years ago

    Muchiri kuswera muchinetsana nezva Biti na Chematama? hameno fambiranai nenguva vamwe tava muchitima cha Nehanda Nyaksikana

    • comment-avatar

      Let’s hope the “so-called Nehanda Nyaksikana” is not Runaida – other the really & heroine Nehanda Nyaksikana would turn violently in her gave.

      We all know Runaida is well schooled in the science & art of violence, corruption, intolerance, nepotism, looting, etc. Having spending 35 yrs under tutorship of the grand-master of all those negatives.

  • comment-avatar
    BRIAN 7 years ago

    Now I Hate Biti?

  • comment-avatar
    j mutenda 7 years ago

    Biti has lost it,coalition with other opposition loosers will not help.go back to tsvangirai if you want to go back to state house

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 7 years ago

    Shame on Biti. It’s no longer about standing up for the people of Zimbabwe, but about making money for oneself. Otherwise how does he explain his about turn on what he actually created. He has been the secretary general, the chief negotiator of the MDCT. Any serious politian should be talking about an all inclusive alliance, not forming new ones and claiming to be the right one. Shame on him.

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 7 years ago

    Biti you now speak like Mugabe with your insults. On violence wasn’t Mangoma assaulted by people from Biti’s party? Isn’t that the reason why Mangoma left among other things?
    Biti, Zimbabweans are not fools.

  • comment-avatar

    Shame on Biti. Here is another Welshman, another Mangoma. Is it about making money, or about standing up for the suffering people of this country. He now sees MdcT as a violent party but for years he’s been the party ‘s secretary general. Heish. What a shame.

  • comment-avatar
    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    A coalition is a good thing but not with the kind of attitude Biti is showing here.

    He wants to have a coalition of small parties with very weak or non-existent supporter bases. What counts is not the number of parties involved but the number of people they bring into the coalition.

    The recent by-elections have shown us that the NCA, Zapu and Mavambo do not have any meaningful support to talk about.

    From recent elections Ncube’s party also doesn’t have any supporters to worry about.

    What is an unknown quantity is how much support Biti’s party has.

    Whilst a coalition is a good idea, bringing together a huge number parties with very small numbers or no support will not change anything and if we see anything it will be the quarreling in the leadership ranks as they jostle for positions.

    Whether Biti likes or not at this time MDC-T still has the numbers.

  • comment-avatar
    Patrick Gonouya 7 years ago

    Biti please stop confusing the people,your aim is to split the votes in order to keep zanu in power,shame on your.

  • comment-avatar
    chKona 7 years ago

    You have outlived your relevance.If we got through 2008 without you,why do we need you now.Go and play in the traffic all you MDCs

  • comment-avatar
    Mazano Rewayi 7 years ago

    It’s a pity really that Biti wants to be the Boss. He can never be under the current dispensation. The political boss in our kind of environment must speak the language of the masses – simple, fundamental and even foolish. You do not get the support of peasants and loafers by speaking the ideas of intellectuals and diplomats. Worse, you do not rubbish the people’s “Messiah” and hope to become the “Messiah” yourself. Our politics is less about ideas and more about mass hysteria. Bob knows this very well and up to 2000, at least, it served him effectively. Morgan has it by default. Biti’s best chance is to swallow his pride and serve under this “thief and womanizer” until such a time “the people” anoint him the leader. He needs patience. Sadly, he has this in short supply.

  • comment-avatar
    biend 7 years ago

    Biti is more and more sounding like a ZANU paid Agent,because his recent speeches,are miles away from uniting,reconciling and putting people first as he claims to be.He unfortunately,to the dismay of the Zimbabwean majority,divisive,provocative,confronational,distructive and out of touch with the real issue, ZANU.It is painfully disappointing that the opposition in Zimbabwe chooses to ignore the real enemy(ZANU)and waste time squabbling about petty issues that have no bearing to the needs of the masses they claim to fight for.My one-cent plea to all opposition Leaders is please,look beyond your personal egoes and rescue your people from devastation,UNITE,

  • comment-avatar

    Good luck to Biti with his PDP and his “Dream Coalition”.

    Suffice to say, while Biti could be a good lawyer, assuming he is, the same can not be said of his understanding of simple mathematics, let alone the complex world of politics.

    On elementary Maths, it is clear Biti understands neither the “Identity Property of Addition” nor the fact that “ZERO is an Additive Identity”. If he knew these basics, then he would appreciate that the SUM of any number of ZEROS will always be ZERO; and SUM of any number (say A)plus ZERO (or A plus any number of ZEROS) will always be A.

    The point is, Biti’s ‘dream coalition’ is basically a coalition of ZEROS; hence its a ZERO SUM. That is in stuck contrast to Tsvangi. Like him or hate him – the guy is not a ZERO. He is a force to reckon with in Zim politics, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

    In fact, I would advise Biti to start some serious self-introspection before its too late. In so dong, he should think of, among others, the following incidences: Biti-Tsvangi fallout; Biti-Mangoma fallout; Biti-Ncube short-lived cohabitation; and mass rejoining of MDC-T by former foot-soldiers from Renewal Team. Then ask himself, why he is always in the midst of these political divorces?

  • comment-avatar
    Mukudzei 7 years ago

    Shame to biti

  • comment-avatar
    Woundedbaffallo 7 years ago

    Biti haana kukwana anorwara nechirwere cheHYSTERIA emotinal change due to the presence of the public

  • comment-avatar

    ” ..the dentity Property of Addition” kkkkkkk ndochii ichocho?? Zviri pa Page ani nhai Mapingu..