Biti should join Zanu PF: Tsvangirai

via Biti should join Zanu PF: Tsvangirai – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 29, 2015 by Obey Manayiti

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said while efforts to forge a coalition with “like-minded” opposition parties is the way to go, he will never consider re-uniting with his former secretary-general Tendai Biti, urging him instead to consider joining Zanu PF.

Tsvangirai told hundreds of MDC-T supporters in Zengeza West yesterday that Biti and his People’s Democratic Party leadership should forge an alliance with Zanu PF instead of continuously attacking his person.

“They have launched their party and if they believe they can offer anything, let the people judge,” he said.

“There are people preoccupied with Tsvangirai bashing, but if they were using that same energy to attack President [Robert] Mugabe things would be better. I suspect that those attacking me should form a coalition with Zanu PF and leave like-minded people alone,” he said in reference to his reported plans to come together with People First.

Tsvangirai said it was premature to rule out an alliance with People First, a formation of former Zanu PF officials, basing on ideological differences.

Since the split from the main opposition MDC-T, Biti has been attacking Tsvangirai at every opportunity describing him as a failed politician who should be written off from the country’s political landscape.

Tsvangirai meanwhile, described calls by Mugabe at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit that there is need for a new world order as misplaced and proof that the veteran ruler had lost touch with world realities.

Tsvangirai said Mugabe’s remarks showed that there was no hope for Zimbabwe with the Zanu PF government.

Mugabe told the summit that humanity was on the verge of a new world whilst calling upon other leaders to be committed to that new world.

However, Tsvangirai said it was misplaced to think of a new world order because that had already been overtaken by the concept of globalisation.

“The government that we have is very unstable. They fight among themselves and there is no recovery to talk about on our plight as a nation,” Tsvangirai said at the official launch of an ambitious poultry project sponsored by MDC-T Zengeza West MP Simon Chidhakwa.

“At the UN when you call for a new world order people will ask whether you are from [the planet] Mars. The world has become globalised and there is no new order besides the fact that we are in a global village. You cannot break the global linkages of trade. This shows that we have a leadership that is out of date.”

The former Premier said there was need to open up lines of trade with other nations just like what other global giants were doing to unlock channels of development.

Chidhakwa said the revolving poultry project will come in three phases for the general populace, churches and marginalised groups such as the disabled and child-headed families.



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    Jaluo 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai is so foolish. Whats the difference between Mujur and Mugabe?

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    Tsvangirai said it was premature to rule out an alliance with People First, a formation of former Zanu PF officials, basing on ideological differences.(If you make a mistake one time it is learning — If you make the same mistake a second time you are a naive fool–STAY AWAY FROM ZANU PF MUJURU)!!!