Break-in at Lumumba’s house

Source: Break-in at Lumumba’s house – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 28, 2016

Zanu PF factional fights have turned nasty amid reports that embattled former Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment steering committee chairperson Acie Lumumba’s Hatfield house was broken into by unknown assailants on Tuesday night.


Lumumba confirmed the burglary at his residence although he said the intruders took nothing, raising suspicion on what could have been the motive of the burglars.

“In part, it could have been a genuine robbery, but it could be a warning from the other side which might be trying to silence me from speaking out on issues of corruption,” he said.

“I have, however, reported the matter to the police and I await to hear what they are going to do as well as whether it was an amateur job or something that was done by experts.”

Last week, Lumumba accused Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao of corruption and abuse of public office through illicit deals, including demanding kickbacks. The techno-savvy Zanu PF activist, who was once bosom buddies with Zhuwao, said he was not going to be silenced by such intimidatory tactics and would not stop exposing the rot in the Indigenisation ministry.

“They are not only pointing at the wrong person, but they are pointing a weapon that does not fire because if it was a job meant to silence me, it will not work,” Lumumba declared.

After being fired from the youth committee by Zhuwao, the activist went on to release a damming video on social media accusing his former buddy of demanding 3% from Old Mutual and charging people money to see him through an alleged sidekick. Zhuwao has since denied Lumumba’s allegations.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said she had not yet been briefed on the matter as she was in Bulawayo attending the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

Lumumba said the matter was reported at Hatfield Police Station under RRB2763744.

Zhuwao, on his side, denied the allegations, accusing Lumumba of abusing youth funds and having conflict of interests at his company,

Since posting the video, Lumumba has allegedly tightened his security with close sources saying that he now feared for his life.

According to close sources, the minister has sent emissaries in a bid to build bridges between the two and have the matter resolved without maligning each other, but all the efforts have not helped.

Zanu PF youths have since started decampaigning Lumumba accusing him of disrespecting his seniors with some calling for his ouster.