MDC-T Parly pull-out logical, says Ibbo Mandaza

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | MDC-T Parly pull-out logical, says Ibbo Mandaza 15 April 2015 by Thobekile Zhou

MDC-T threats to pull of parliament are logical and will shake Zanu-PF to the core top political analyst, Ibbo  Mandaza has claimed.

MDC-T is contemplating pulling out of Parliament en massé in protest against Zanu-PF’s reluctance to create a conducive environment for the holding of free and fair elections.

The proposal came up during a National Council meeting last week, but was yet to be formally debated.

The move has triggered  mixed reactions.

“I think that is logical. It’s not enough to boycott on grounds that there have been no electoral reforms but remain in Parliament,

“Although they should have done that by not participating in the 2013 elections, it remains logical,” Mandaza is quoted saying by NewsDay.

Mandaza said one they pull out, they will create a constitutional crisis which might force President Mugabe to dissolve parliament.

However, another analyst  Charles Mangongera said the move is not strategic.

“It looks like in terms of the role the opposition is supposed to play, Parliament is an important platform and for me it sounds not strategic

“In fact it started with the recall of MPs. It was self-defeating because Parliament is not about numbers, it’s also about voices” he said.


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    Mangongera you are a pathetic analyst.Are you telling the people that the 21 MPs were not supposed to be recalled? Please be serious.The electoral laws are clear and can be understood by a grade 1.Once ou cross floor in parliament, you seat is vacant.Is it difficult to understand?

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    mkomana 7 years ago

    boo hoo