Mutasa savages intolerant Mugabe

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mutasa savages intolerant Mugabe 21 April 2015

In a sensational claim that analysts say helps explain the political and economic mess that Zimbabwe finds itself in, former minister Didymus Mutasa has revealed that President Robert Mugabe doe not tolerate diversity of thought, makes all government decisions and does not consult anyone including his ministers.

Speaking yesterday in the aftermath of the embarrassing civil servants bonus debacle, the former senior Cabinet minister and close confidante of Mugabe for decades said the nonagenarian always made unilateral decisions and did not care a hoot about the consequences.

Also admitting to having been complicit in many historical mistakes, Mutasa said Mugabe had systematically centralised power over the years and was in the bad habit of making important decisions without either consulting or the knowledge and buy-in of his ministers.

Mutasa claims he was mostly “a mere pawn” during his time in government and did not have control or a voice in the manner in which the government enforced programmes such as Operation Murambatsvina.


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    Mugabe confirmed this when he appointed mnangagwa and mphoko,he said they have no work to do!Jonathan also confirmed it today,Mugabe’s word is final,-he is the cabinet all others are in that gvt for monitary gains, not power.

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    every single one of them has their deserved justice coming to them, even those who are now trying to wriggle out of the past

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    Gandanga 7 years ago

    I do agree very much with Mutasa. Mugabe is autocratic and all the ministers of Zimbabwe are mere artefacts and dummies for him.
    He has been making decisions for Zimbabweans for the past 35 years without any consultations. Mugabe has been so autocratic to the extend that he refused voted MPs to regularly go and meet people in their constituencies. He feared that these ministers would become more popular than him. MPs needed clearance first from him before they held these meetings. Mugabe is the worst dictator that the world has ever seen. If Zimbabwe was Egypt or Tunisia, Mugabe would have been history like Gadhafi.

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    Mutasa you were just like Mugabe when you were running the show in Maconie!!What goes round comes round.Speaking from experience you are getting what you dished out to others.

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    Don Cox 7 years ago

    “Mugabe is the worst dictator that the world has ever seen.”

    Not even remotely. Mao was far worse: he killed tens of millions of people.

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    Gandanga 7 years ago

    @Don Cox
    And Mugabe took Mao’s dictatorship to another level.
    To see this you need to calculate the people killed by Mugabe compared to the number of population. If Zimbabwe had a population equal to China, Mugabe would have killed double the number that Mao killed.

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      Godondo Mutengi 7 years ago

      Just one life only is too many to die because of someone else’s poor governance! Callous Mugabe will go down in history as another of Africa’s worst dictators.

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    wensil 7 years ago

    And only yesterday Mutasa was saying Mugabe can come and lead People First and now he says he is intolerant. Everybody knows Mugabe is the worst kind of dictator and he has just become worse.
    Mutasa we need a bit of consistency if such a word exists in your vocaburlary.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    “I was mostly “a mere pawn” during my time in government and did not have control or a voice in the manner in which the government enforced programmes such as Operation Murambatsvina.”

    So why did you this long MUTASA…. True you are not in control of your faculties, then how do you expect us to follow you and your GAMATOX , you are no different from the RENEWAL fools.