VP Mphoko externalising forex – RBZ boss told

Source: Bulawayo24 NEWS | VP Mphoko externalising forex – RBZ boss told 10 May 2016

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has been fingered as one of the leading culprits who are externalising foreign currency.

The allegations which have far reaching implications on Mphoko where made by Chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development Terrence Mukupe before Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya in parliament.He singled out Choppies Supermarket group which has more than 20 outlets countrywide.

Mphoko has a huge controlling share in the outlets and his son Siqokoqela is Choppies Zimbabwe director.

“What are you doing to companies like Choppies that are taking out cash outside the country to South Africa and Botswana and buy goods in rands, bring them in and loot money?” asked Mukupe.

Mangudya said: “You are very brave to mention names”.


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    It’s common knowledge that it is Mugabe & his zanu pf cronies (including relatives, ministers, senior security forces and zanu pf central committee & politburo members) who are engaging in serious fraudulent activities to the detriment of the majority and the whole national.

    So, nothing will ever happen to Mboko anyway despite the revelations; just as much as nothing will never to the well known chief looters of Chiadzwa diamonds who include Obert Mpofu (who boasts of being Mugabe’s ever obedient son) and Robert Mhlanga (a business associate and friend of the First Family – and who most likely is also another ever obedient son of Robert Mugabe too).

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    Nintalan 6 years ago

    Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with businesses like Chopies buying goods externally and selling them at home? That sort of transaction takes place quite legally all around the world every minute of every day.

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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    The problem is where the money is stored i.e. BANKED safely outside Zimbabwe.


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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Actually it is an old saying as when back in the days of Gangsters and such there was ‘Honor’ among them. No Gangster would do anything against another Gangster as a sign or respect. If there was an issue that crossed over to another’s territory, then a meeting would take place as to what could be done to handle the ‘issue’ without it becoming a ‘war’ among said ‘Families’ and/or others in the same line of ‘work’. When the saying ‘No Honor Among Thieves’ came about was when the Honor code was broken, someone started doing what ‘they’ wanted to do for themselves and the heck with anyone else. If you did something that didn’t sit well with the ‘Family’, then YOU were the one they had the issue with and ONLY YOU would be dealt with. Now, if you do something and the ‘group’ don’t like it then ANYBODY in your family, your inner circle, etc., can be made to be responsible in the place of you. So NOW you have NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES. The unspoken honor code has been destroyed!

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    ntaba 6 years ago

    No gangster is so liberal that he does not want law and order to protect that which he has stolen! Perhaps the VP knows better than most that his savings are not safe in the RBZ banking system? We need to read the lines and also read between the lines! Remember, that Gono supported the farm invasions but chose to print money and then actually purchase the Title for his New Donnington Farm. If Gono did not have Title he would be nervous. Zanu have attempted to undermine Title selectively – Title in the hands of a White Man has no validity. Title in the hands of a Non White Man has validity on the one proviso that the NWM carries a Zanu card. What happened to Luke Tembani? I do not believe that he had a Zanu card.

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    machakachaka 6 years ago

    Someone once said that prisons are places built by big criminals, so that the big criminals can lock up the small criminals, so that the big criminals will face no competition in their unholy activities. Sometimes it sounds true?

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    Munei 6 years ago

    I wonder what impact it leaves on Mangudya as a leader, with his lack of brevity to call a spade a spade