Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza

via Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza – Newsday May 13, 2015

A Burundi army general says senior officers are “dismissing” President Pierre Nkurunziza, amid unrest over his bid to be re-elected to a third term.

Maj Gen Godefroid Niyombareh announced that a national salvation committee had been set up to run the country.
However, it is not clear how much support he and the other officers have.

President Nkurunziza is currently in Tanzania meeting other East African leaders to discuss the crisis. His aide dismissed the coup claims as “a joke”.

President Nkurunziza has rejected calls to postpone next month’s election.

Gen Niyombareh said he did not recognise the leadership because the president’s bid for a third term violated the constitution.

Soldiers have surrounded the offices of the national broadcaster.

The unrest began on 26 April and has led to the deaths of more than 20 people.

Tens of thousands of Burundians have fled to neighbouring states in recent weeks.


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    Where are the so-called “African solutions to African problems”?

    Why cant African leaders, if they are indeed problem solvers as they always proclaim, just stop this guy (Nkurunziza) who has over-stayed his welcome & above all, in breach of the country’s constitution?

    I would not be surprised if the ever clowning African leaders start mobilizing a “solidarity arm” to go and brutalize innocent Burundis in support of their renegade brother President who clearly wants to die in power at all cost just like Robert Mugabe. NXaaaaaaaa!

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    fussy 7 years ago

    if he had not overstayed his welcome there would be no ‘crisis’. know when to call it quits

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    The president has been “dismissed.” Fired for breach of contract.

    Clearly emboldened by (but not as scheming as) his neighbour in Rwanda. Kagame is trying to get parliament to amend the constitution for a third term, 2 years before the next elevtions are due in 2017.

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    Open Eye 7 years ago

    Expect no positive action from African leaders because all sitting presidents want to go along the same route – overstay and breach their constitutions.

    Shame on all of them. They could have avoided the unrest and bloodshed buy telling this Khurunziza to respect the constitution.

    African leaders!!!!! Who do you represent???