Business condemns xenophobic attacks‚ warns of dire consequences

via Business condemns xenophobic attacks‚ warns of dire consequences – Times LIVE by Ntsakisi Maswanganyi | 16 April, 2015

South Africa’s business fraternity has joined the growing number of people and organisations condemning attacks on foreign nationals from Africa.

Business Unity SA (Busa) warned on Thursday of dire consequences for SA if the violence continued.

“The continued violence against foreign nationals is sending a negative message to the international business community and could potentially affect South African businesses that are operating in the region and the continent‚” Busa said.

The violence has predominantly occurred in Johannesburg and Durban.

Another organisation‚ Business Leadership SA (BLSA)‚ said it was concerned about the increasing sense of intolerance‚ violence and lawlessness in SA‚ which it saw as a national emergency.

“The state must show that it has the will and fortitude to ensure law and order and to defend the Constitutional values the president of the republic is entrusted and obligated with‚” BLSA said in a statement on Thursday.

Busa said in an environment of fiscal constraints and weak economic growth that is insufficient to create jobs‚ a further dent in investor confidence was the last thing SA needed.

The business organisation said while it did not support illegal and undocumented foreign nationals entering SA‚ it had confidence in the country’s immigration framework and administrative institutions.

“We believe government should deal with illegal migrants within the parameters of our legal framework”‚ the organisation said.

Busa said it was concerned about the violence that had erupted against foreign nationals and the gross violation of their human rights.



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    Frustrated Exiled Zimbabwean 7 years ago

    What hope is there for Africans? Absolutely nothing. Then people wonder why so many people are dying trying to leave Africa. All I can suggest is try to get out of Africa as soon as you can, leave it to the dictatorships and they cohorts, it won’t change in my lifetime. That’s why I left.

    These South Africans who were helped by all nations, African and Global and all colours to bring down Aparthied are now imposing it on other Africans who are just trying to make a living, those who left they own countries because there was no hope of a better life.

    These same South Africans who put no pressure on Mugabe after he lost the elections, but except him with open arms shall reap what the sew. Wait until the ANC turn into Zanu-PF then we will see.

    I bet everyone who contributed to the fall of Aparthied are asking themselves now why did we help such horrible people, because that’s what they are.

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    MukorekoreTavara 7 years ago

    1st. we remove corruption in countries where these people are fleeing for economic reasons.coz every corrupt official from foreman upwards that has dealt corruptly towards the people entrusted to him has indirectly caused this untold suffering of their brothers and sisters,sons and daughters. Before you remove the speck from your brothers eye, remove the log from yours. corrupt officials, you caused your kinsman’s deaths by your greed!