Caledonia remains a priority: Kasukuwere

Source: Caledonia remains a priority: Kasukuwere | The Herald May 7, 2016

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter
Government has so far spent $5 million developing infrastructure and providing basic services like water and roads for Caledonia residents who lost millions of dollars meant for development to land barons.

Speaking after commissioning the construction of a tarred road which will link Tafara, Mabvuku and Damofalls in Ruwa, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere said Government intends to improve the lives of people in the area who lost their hard-earned cash to land barons.

“We have come here to commission the 4,2km tarred road which will link Mabvuku, Tafara to Damofalls, Ruwa. The cost is over $2 million. The contractor who was selected by the tender board has already started working on the construction of a new tarmac road that will link the two suburbs.

“This will change the quality of life in terms of transportation for the people in this area and we hope to expand the programme by constructing more roads in this suburb,” he said.

He said the Urban Development Corporation (Udicorp), City of Harare and his ministry had agreed on making land available for businesses.

Minister Kasukuwere said his ministry was also working with the education ministries which will be building two schools in this area and Government has also invited private entrepreneurs who want invest in education.

“This settlement alone has over 29 000 households and we believe there are a lot of children in this area who should be catered for. We have seen progress in terms of sanitation, 29 boreholes have now been drilled and almost each and every area has access to water. We want to go beyond that and make sure there is piped water which will go to each and every household.

“Generally, I think the progress made by the (Mr Percy) Toriro-led committee has been very impressive and we have extended their tenure to continue for the next six months overseeing and superintending over the construction, rehabilitation and servicing of this area,” he said.

Minister Kasukuwere said Udicorp has finished surveying the area and some properties were demolished to pave way for the roads adding that those who were allocated properties can now build without fear of having their homes demolished.

He urged residents to work with the authorities following the re-emergence of land barons.

“There has been a re-emergence of land barons.

“We want to warn our people not to be duped by these characters who are trying to take advantage of them because they will not be able to give them land. So the land barons here have no chance.

“There are also cantankerous characters who have been trying to interfere with the processes being carried out here trying to take authorities to court that is not acceptable,” he said.

He said over $5 million has been expended so far constructing roads and providing key amenities.

Government last year set up a committee to investigate illegal land sales in Caledonia amid reports that land barons had swindled at least 30 000 home seekers of more $57 million in deposits and monthly instalments.

Land barons allegedly parcelled out State land before making homeseekers pay deposits and monthly instalments while there was no proper development in the area.

There were no roads, water and sewer infrastructure in Caledonia.


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    “Government intends to improve the lives of people in the area who lost their hard-earned cash to land barons.” –

    please lets not pretend that Government / City of Harare knew nothing about the land barons who were / are ripping off the poor who have invested their money building homes in Caledonia.
    Those who bought stands were paying $50 per month development levy to ?City of Harare. $1,45 million every month.
    “There were (are) no roads, water and sewer infrastructure (or Zesa) in Caledonia.”
    So kasukuwere should pretend that he is being generous when he promises a $2million road. He should be apologising for belonging to a soul-less elite who rip off the poor.
    Then there are 29 borehole for 29000 households; 1 borehole for 1000 households. Thats not something to boast about kasukuwere. thats something to be ashamed of.

    “land barons had swindled at least 30 000 home seekers of more $57 million in deposits and monthly instalments.” –
    these land barons — they are the connected, the “do you know who I am” mafia linked closely to the ruling elite. the $57 million – that is shared among those who take it from the poor and those who close their eyes while the law is being broken and the poor are being robbed.
    truly zimbabwe has fallen into the hands of evil people.