Call for greater protection of women

Source: Call for greater protection of women – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 4, 2017

THE MDC youth assembly has expressed deep concern at the escalating violence against women in the country and has called for stringent laws to curb this.


“We would like to condemn in the strongest terms the acts of violence that have been perpetrated against women in Bulawayo, the country and the world at large,” Latoya Sibanda, the MDC youth secretary for gender affairs, said.

“We would like to cite the gruesome killing of 26-year-old Patience Ncube, who was murdered by her brother Ndabezinhle in Old Magwegwe, Bulawayo, a few days ago.

“This blood-curdling act raises questions about the moral fabric of our society. As the youth assembly of Bulawayo, we call upon the government and other stakeholders to put a stop to this.”

Ncube was allegedly killed by her brother, Ndabezinhle (28), who went on to burn her body in the family backyard in a bid to conceal the gory crime.

In another incident, a 35-year-old woman from Figtree, Matabeleland South, is admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo after she was allegedly struck by her boyfriend with an axe, following accusations of infidelity.

The boyfriend, Thulani Ndlovu, is on the run in the aftermath of the incident.

Sibanda said they believe that the continued perpetration of such crimes was indicative of failure by the government to create a safe environment for women to live without fear.

“The Constitution of Zimbabwe includes a Bill of Rights meant to guarantee protection for all,” she said.

“We, therefore, call upon the police to do their job effectively and to realise that their job is not only confined to roadblocks.”