Cash woe: Bring your own, tourists told

Source: Cash woe: Bring your own, tourists told – NewZimbabwe 02/06/2016

AS cash shortages worsen in Zimbabwe, a top safari firm is advising its international guests to bring cash with them when visiting.

Long queues have been forming outside many banks and ATMs have been running dry as people try to get their money out ahead of the introduction of new bank notes.

Safari group, the Amalinda Collection, is telling guests via its website to bring cash with them on holiday to save them from unnecessary headaches.

Zimbabwe’s banking sector is in the grip of cash shortages and all institutions are restricting withdrawals.

This also affects foreign tourists who want to use international visa cards to withdraw cash.

Zimbabwe has no restrictions on how much cash people bring with them into the country, but travellers are only allowed to leave with a maximum of R20,000.

The state revenue authority ZIMRA is encouraging visitors who bring in more money than that to declare it on arrival otherwise they may end up having to forfeit some when they leave.


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    gonzo 6 years ago

    then someone can steal it from them on the airport road or while they are walking round harare city how things have gone so wrong since 1980 a great country gone down the pan due to a few i am lost for words to know what to call them.

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    J Zulu 6 years ago

    Bring your own precious forex only to be exchanged for useless BONA notes?

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    Rest in peace I.D.S. There is nobody who can say you were wrong.