Chamisa, Mudzuri appointments tailored to strengthen MDC-T

THE appointments of Kuwadzana East MP, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, and Warren Park MP, Engineer Elias Mudzuri, as MDC-T vice-presidents have apparently drawn mixed reactions, with some groups launching an offensive, while others have rooted for the decision by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his National Council.

Source: Chamisa, Mudzuri appointments tailored to strengthen MDC-T – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 19, 2016


Questions and talk abound over the constitutionality and legality of Tsvangirai’s actions, but it must also be clearly grasped that it is only an imprudent party or institution that does not change in light of circumstances and times.

Also, it must be noted that the appointments came into being as resolutions by the MDC-T highest decision-making body.

In that vein, it cannot be said that there was any handpicking that was done. The decision was inclusive.

Tsvangirai, in this regard, has shown that the party, founded almost two decades ago, does not begin or end with him.

The man has also been a realist in view of the impending watershed 2018 elections.

His unfortunate diagnosis with a cancer ailment will most likely impact on his role in the presidential elections, given the rigours that the position requires.

He cannot pretend, neither can he attempt to claim that he cannot do it all.

He has displayed an appreciation of the fact that he is a mortal who, one day, will have to pass on the baton.

What he has done, despite criticism from some sections, is in essence to fortify the party and guarantee its continuity.

It proves that it’s not about him, but the struggle.

He recognises the need for the survival of the organisation well after the founding fathers.

Furthermore, it must be understood by those who have taken it upon themselves to scandalise Tsvangirai that the appointments were not an individual decision, but a collective one which was not unilateral.

It is common knowledge that the issue of succession in Zimbabwean politics has been topical in both the ruling and opposition parties.

Zimbabwe has a staggering 42 registered political parties to date owing to the never-ending splits.

Egos and personal supremacy have proven to be the greatest enemy in the fight for a better Zimbabwe.

The pitfalls of failing to deal with any succession matrix far outweigh the efforts of resolving the matter in time.

This has been evident in the ruling Zanu PF, where everything else — including the economy — has become secondary to the quest for power.

The succession imbroglio remains a headache in the ruling party today. So intense has been the issue of succession that politicians in the governing party, in particular, have actually been blamed for neglecting developmental issues at the expense of personal agendas.

The matter of succession, if not well handled, can indeed divide and fragment a party. Zimbabweans definitely want a better life and are fed up with politicians bickering for positions.

What Zimbabweans now want is a laser-like focus on the struggle that would bring back decency to their lives.
Therefore, what Tsvangirai has done through the appointments is to steady the party and ensuring that energy is expended towards the real struggle for democracy instead of petty jockeying for positions.

Criticism of having three vice-presidents, on a lighter note, shouldn’t hold any water at all since the MDC-T hardly uses taxpayers’ money.

This is a move solely meant to fortify and re-invigorate the party.

Of course, all sorts of theories will be forwarded, but the appointments, in my view, actually stand to benefit the party.

Nevertheless, there can be no running away from the fact that the appointments also come with demerits.

Some people have their own interpretations far from the intended ones and can foment discord to the detriment of the party.

However, both Chamisa and Mudzuri are men of substance, who have proven their mettle and have served the party with loyalty.
They can be trusted to steer the ship. Chamisa does well to identify and stand for the youths.

He can relate well and understands their concerns, whereas Mudzuri’s experience in the struggle is invaluable.

It must also be understood that the appointments must not be seen as undermining incumbent vice-president Thokozani Khupe, but should actually strengthen her together with the new comrades in the position.

It should not be so much about personalities, as it should be about moving forward as a party. It is possible to lose sight of the substance by grasping onto the shadow. The most crucial thing for the opposition movement is to move in unity. The work that lies ahead is far more important than petty fights and slandering of each other.

On his part, Tsvangirai must be commended for breathing life into the party and keeping opposition politics alive.

He still has a role to play and only when the time comes can he pass the baton.

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