‘Channel 2% of spot fines towards road rehabilitation’

The government should channel at least 2% of fines collected by the Zimbabwe Republic Police at check points towards the rehabilitation of the country’s dilapidated roads, a lobby group has said.

Source: ‘Channel 2% of spot fines towards road rehabilitation’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 1, 2017


The Zimbabwe Passengers’ Association (ZPA) argues that the country’s roads have turned into “death traps”, while police rake in millions of dollars, whose use remains a cause for public debate.

“We appeal to the government to channel 2% of the spot fines collected by the police towards the rehabilitation of roads in rural and urban areas

“Some rural roads have gullies, while in towns they have potholes. We are saying this because we have discovered that there is a lot of revenue coming from traffic fines,” ZPA secretary-general, Paul Makiwa said in a statement.

With central government and local authorities struggling to finance infrastructural development needs and the recent declaration of the state of the country’s roads as a disaster, channelling part of traffic fines could be a move towards a lasting solution.

“Numerous crimes are committed in rural areas and because of bad roads, police officers fail to reach these places either on time or at all.

“Also, health immunisation programmes and food relief organisations fail to reach targeted places due to bad roads, hence, the call for their rehabilitation.”

ZPA’s call comes at a time when reports suggest police collect $59 million annually in fines.