Chief secretary raps corruption in Govt

Source: Chief secretary raps corruption in Govt | The Herald November 11, 2016

Ray Bande in Nyanga—-

THE prevalence of corruption in Government stands in the way of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and stifles economic turnaround programmes such as Zim-Asset, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda has said.Delivering his keynote address at the heads of Government ministries workshop in Nyanga yesterday, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda said there was need for zero-tolerance on corruption if the country was to attract investment.

He said Government was accelerating the widening of the foreign currency basket to avoid dependency on the US dollar by promoting the use of the South African rand, British pound, Chinese yuan as well as the bond notes which would be used not only as an export incentive, but also for daily transactions.

Dr Sibanda said the prevailing cash shortages have had an adverse effect on the implementation of the economic blueprint programme Zim-Asset, hence the need to promote use of more currencies in the foreign currency basket.

“There is widening use of the basket of foreign currency in order to avoid dependence on one currency — the US dollar. The British pound, the rand, the Chinese yuan are also going to be utilised while the bond notes will not only be an export incentive, but also will be used in daily transactions.

“We need to adopt zero tolerance on corruption. There is no way we can get FDI for as long as we do not address vices such as corruption,” he said.

Dr Sibanda said the use of the US dollar had proved unsustainable as it attracted fortune seekers who would stop at nothing to siphon every dollar on the market.

He highlighted the achievements and challenges Government has faced since the start the Zim-Asset policy.

“In the Food and Nutrition cluster of Zim-Assset, there has been low production or productivity in the A1 and A2 farms owing to high costs of inputs and effects of climate change as well as limited funding of agricultural sector.

“Production of the bankable 99-year lease agreements through the collaboratory input of Government and local banking sector which will facilitate on farm investment and enhance security of tenure.

“The revival of key agricultural institutions namely Arda, Cotton Company of Zimbabwe, Cold Storage Commission, which in some cases these initiative are already bearing fruit,” he said.


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    Morty Smith 6 years ago

    ‘Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda”. And we are supposed to believe this toad is not crrupt and abusive. His title alone tells all that is needed

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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Zanu PF policy has shifted from previously denying corruption, to now condemning it, but with no intention of curbing it. It looks more honest.

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago

    Is he serious!: HE :is a joker who has just woken up from a deep slumber! Wavondomuka! Let us face it all ZANUPF cadres are corrupt! including Sibanda!

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    Cde mabhunu Chasura 6 years ago

    Vava kuwona kuti hutongi hopera. Hapachina chekuba chachoka kwasara zvishomanana chete ku mines ministry, ku zinara, ku zimdef. Madofo zvavo asi vanoziva zviri kutevera Vachatadza kubhadhara masoja, mcten cho tevera chii. Vachachekeresa vana Jonso, Saviour nevamwe kunyangwe hedu takaba tesu ndo politics dzachoka

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    VaChihera: Professor 6 years ago

    Dear Zimbabweans, If as Dr M Sibanda says CORRUPTION is now entrenched in GOZ. Who in their normal selves would believe the lies in RBZ Mangudya’s story that they have just printed worthless usd 200 million papers and not billions? Worse without any bank loan to support it. Next who can believe that we need a 10th CURRENCY when we already have NINE in the national basket and we have a BURST ECONOMY. Next when the usd 15 Billion (an underestimation) went missing, who was in charge? The same government and RBZ. How many more billions have gone missing in reality? An estimate of some 100 billion in the past 16 years! Who is stealing and where is the money going? Of course the RBZ knows, their boses and the funds are shipped out of Africa most likely to Arabia and Asia where no questions are asked to oil up those economies. Why the patriot will ask? Because chimwe chikoro especially che correspondence does not change the animal behaviour ingrained, but only fuels it because in that mind, tomorrow will take care of itself! Worse if that same mind worships the DEVIL! It is clear therefore that there is no genuine government in control. So what do we do? Be honest to our nation, first choose MPs wisely and limit terms to not more than two, as POWER CORRUPTS. Choose God fearing candidates, discard the rotten rubbish even if they are billionaires. All VOTE in 2018 and change the people in GOZ, PARLIAMENT, JUDICIARY, PARASTATALS were annually funds are milked for political conferences! We must PRAY for this Nation as we have gone some 70 years back with the VERY GREEDY politicians in place. VaChihera: Professor