Chiefs fire headmen linked to opposition

Source: Chiefs fire headmen linked to opposition – NewZimbabwe 28/06/2016

SOME chiefs in Manicaland province have reportedly launched an intimidation campaign against supporters of opposition parties with headmen accused of not supporting Zanu PF being ousted ahead of the 2018 elections.

The targeted are supporters of parties such as the Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and Zimbabwe People First led by ex-vice president Joice Mujuru.

In Buhera, Chief Nerutanga was said to be in the process of removing Mupfigi village headman Tichaona Mataviridze on allegations of supporting Zim PF and allowing the party to be hold meetings in his village.

ZimPF constituency vice chairperson for Buhera, Jelous Musariri, was said to have been threatened with violence and refused food aid for being a member of the opposition party.

ZimPF Secretary for Information and ICT in Manicaland province, Moses Mutyasira, confirmed receiving reports of intimidation of their members.

“It is with a heavy heart that we leant of intimidation of village headmen who are supporting ZimPF by chiefs in most parts of Manicaland province,” he said.

“Such barbaric acts no longer have room in Zimbabwe, given that our constitution promotes freedom of association.

“Reports reaching my office indicate that chiefs have made announcements to most village headmen threatening to remove them from food aid lists if they are suspected or known for supporting ZimPF.”

He added: “Such intimidation will not deter us from continuing the struggle for a free Zimbabwe and wrestle power from Zanu PF.”

Last week on Friday, Chief Gilbert Marange threatened local war veterans who are reported to be attending ZimPF meetings.

He told a gathering in Bezel Bridge that he would not allow Zim PF and MDC-T to make inroads in his area of jurisdiction.

“People First held its meeting here and we heard that some war veterans rushed to attend,” said the chief.

“We wonder whether they are genuine war veterans if they are dining and winning with the enemy.

“Some of you pretend to be war veterans but your behavior is questionable,” said Marange.

He assured the Zanu PF leadership in the province that his area is “secure”.

“We don’t want to see MDC and ZimPF here. They will never get any support from this area.

“We will send our people to infiltrate them so that we get information about their activities.”



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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    The chiefs can find the time to do it because they are being fed by USAID and the UN.

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    its time before thoz chiefs are removed.they are playing with with fire.vanoti kana vachipiwa mari yemadiamonds on the expense of us.marange we know that u are part of diamond looters.continue promoting zanu so as to continue we only lost our fathers heritage,homes only and never payed for that and u and yo zanu spend day sleeping and then going to take diamond money with your chinese friends.we are not fools fulls as u think and who are u to control us

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago