Chiefs join squabbles, target Kaukonde farm

via Chiefs join squabbles, target Kaukonde farm 06 January 2015

IN what is seen as vengeful pursuit of former VP Joice Mujuru’s allies Chief Musarurwa (Enos Masakwa) has said former Zanu PF provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde’s farm should be “broken up” and parcelled out amongst the chiefs.

Speaking in Chivhu, at a meeting which was organised to introduce new provincial minister Joel Biggie Matiza, Musarurwa said he is “pained” when he looks at Kaukonde’s farm which he has named after his mother.

He said “it is painful that traditional leaders are always the last to get land” adding that whenever they pass through ‘Gejo RaRubi’ farm they feel that pain.

“We are not saying take all of it but we should at least break it up to allow chiefs to get their share,” said Musarurwa who is the provincial head of traditional leaders.

Musarurwa said as the custodians of the country’s rural farmland, chiefs should be the biggest beneficiaries.

“We own the land and we should benefit from it. How are we expected to preside over the land when we do not even own a piece of it? Our plea to the government is to make sure that all traditional leaders are catered for,” he said.

Chief Musarurwa’s comments came in the coattails of threats to invade farms owned by Mujuru’s allies as a way of effectively dealing with the faction that lost out in the internal process that brought Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa within a foot of being the country’s number one citizen.

Mnangagwa is now deputy to Mugabe following years of internal factional fights with Mujuru over who should succeed Mugabe who has been at the helm of the party since 1977.

The traditional leader’s calls also echoed similar declarations made by veterans of the country’s liberation struggle when they met the provincial minister in Marondera last week.

While not responding directly to the Chief’s demands, Matiza has insisted that he would not protect anyone who is “sitting on a farm without the requisite documentation such as offer letters”.

Kaukonde, along with other provincial leaders among them former Higher Education Minister Olivia Muchena and Defence Minister Sidney Sekeramayi, fell out of favour with President Mugabe for allegedly supporting axed Mujuru’s bid to take over from  him ahead of the December congress.

Save for Sekeramayi, Mujuru’s allies including Kaukonde also lost their positions in the ruling party with the majority of members linked to the former deputy president getting fired from their government positions as well.


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    Nomatter Chiringa 7 years ago

    It is very sad to hear that leadership in Mash East can go to the extent of desiring to cripple production at Gejo raRubi. Whatever crimes the former Provincial Chairperson Cde Kaukonde is purpoted to have commited does not warrant parcelling out that productive farm to individuals who have no genuine commitment and desire to farm. In the province i am sure many tracks of arable land are lying idle many thanks to cellphone farmers and i suggest that such farms should be first repossessed before disturbing operations at productive farms. What i know of that farm is it is one of the most productive farms in the farms! I urge the Provincial leadership led by Honourable Matiza to look at issues objectively to avoid retrogressive decisions. It cannot be denied that our traditional leaders should be heard but i urge our provincial leadership to look beyond ” revenging” somebody. Whatever issues we may have as a province or nation lets us tackle them as a family and objectively. Your son of the soil.

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    Panda moyo 7 years ago

    Am surprised at these chiefs.why did they not invade when they encouraged their subjects to do so?are they afraid of zanupf?are they suddenly brave now that kaukonde has been dumped?.what kind of chiefs ar they,that they were pained every day but did not question the authorities.?is it alright for a chief to invade?am glad they are not from my province.