Chihuri’s wife in ‘kidnap’ storm

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s wife, Isabel, has been caught up in a row with a former tenant

Source: Chihuri’s wife in ‘kidnap’ storm – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 15, 2016


Esnath Zuze, through her lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, instructed by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), accused Chihuri of illegally detaining her for 24 hours under armed police guard, as she was ordered to clean the house she had been occupying since 2007.

“I was engaged by ZLHR to help the woman, who had been detained on Monday morning at the alleged behest of Mrs Chihuri,” Mtetwa said.

“I went to the scene and confirmed that indeed she was there under guard.

“I spoke to the police details at the scene, who told me that they were from Morris Depot, and I spoke to their superiors, who confirmed that they were told to ensure she (Zuze) cleaned the house to the satisfaction of Mrs Chihuri.”

Mtetwa said she then informed the police officers that she was going to lodge an urgent High Court application to have the woman released, as what was happening was tantamount to kidnapping.

“They then called back, saying they would not want the case to go to court, hence, they were releasing her,” Mtetwa said.

She said Zuze claimed she was forced to sleep at the house and only leave when she had cleaned up the place, although her relatives were allowed to bring her food and cleaning detergents.

“Her relatives told us that they went to Harare Central Police Station to make a report of abduction, but the officers there refused to record the case, leaving them with no option, but to come to ZLHR,” Mtetwa said.

However, police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said Zuze was never detained, but only told to clean up the house she had left dirty after being evicted for non-payment of rentals.

“She is now trying to seek public sympathy by lying and soiling the image of the police commander. It is very wrong. She did not only leave the house without paying rentals, but she left it dirty,” Charamba said.

“The walls were sprinkled with dirty stuff. She deliberately messed up the house and the wife of the police commissioner asked her to come and clean up her mess.

“In fact, when she left the house, she did not inform anyone, but left it unguarded. She left the keys with a third party, hence, the police were despatched to guard the house.”

Charamba continued: “Imagine, leaving the house filthy and you go without paying rentals and then going around trying to soil somebody’s image. It is very bad.

“For the record, this woman works for an estate agency and knows how people’s property ought to be maintained.”
Charamba said Zuze had been Chihuri’s tenant since 2007 and should have told her landlady that she was vacating the house instead of leaving it unsecured.

It is alleged that after vacating the house, police officers followed Zuze to her workplace in town on Monday morning and took her back to the house, where she was told to clean up her “dirt” allegedly to the satisfaction of Chihuri, who could not be reached for comment yesterday.


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    Assuming Charity’s version is true, would one even in that case argue that what Chihuri and police did is right or at least legal? Many of us would disagree. This is a clear case of abuse of state power and state resources. How many of us, except the Chihuri’s, would go to Charity’s office & report that a former tenant has vacated their rented house leaving it uncleaned and wanted the police to see to it that their house has been cleaned. Then come back with a troop of police officers to go and drag the former tenant from her work place, to go and clean the house while police details are supervising the cleaning. Chihuri’s police don’t even attend to serious criminal calls from public members on the basis of some the slightest and filmsy excuses; yet they can happily supervise the cleaning of Chihuri’s private house. Banana government, banana police. Shure mapurisa kuitwa twana netukadzi twaChihuri kudaro. nxaaaaaa.

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      Marange Son 5 years ago

      This prevalent problem in the security establishments eg. army &police the commanders abuse junior rank members . They are asked to do personal errands this is prohibited in the regulations guiding the administration of these institutions but who cares the commanders regard them as personal property .

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    Barry 5 years ago

    It’s like bad TV

  • comment-avatar
    mututsi 5 years ago

    nerimwe zuva gava richadambura musungo, taramba anozoti mututsi haana kumbozvitaura

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    mututsi 5 years ago