CIO out to exorcise Mujuru’s ‘ghost’: ZPP

CIO out to exorcise Mujuru’s ‘ghost’: ZPP – NewZimbabwe 05/03/2016

ZANU PF has deployed state security agents to exorcise the ‘ghost’ of Joice Mujuru by spying on senior party members who are said to be secretly meeting with the former Vice President, according to Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP).

Mujuru, who was kicked out of the ruling party in December 2014 together with other senior members on allegations of plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe, launched the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party in Harare last week.

In its January 2016 report, released on the day of the ZPF launch, ZPP said across all the provinces Zanu PF was battling to exorcise the ‘ghost’ of Mujuru.

“Suspicion is rife among fellow Zanu PF members as some no longer trust their colleagues whom they accuse of dabbling in People First politics.

“There are repeated warnings the ruling party is issuing out to its membership against the “folly” of joining People First lest they be left out of distributions of food aid and input assistance,” said part of the report.

“In more pronounced instances, in Hwedza a group of suspected state agents were deployed to the area in order to monitor People First movements and progress.”

ZPP also said of the 208 cases of human rights violations they recorded in January 83% of them were perpetrated by Zanu PF against supporters of Mujuru.

“For its part, the MDC-T was also accused of perpetrating violent acts including a report from Mukarakate Village in Murehwa South, where a member of the party who defected to the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) had his house set on fire,” the report said.