Coltart attacks ‘hypocrite’ Moyo

via Coltart attacks ‘hypocrite’ Moyo – NewZimbabwe 15 April 2015

FORMER education minister David Coltart on Wednesday said that comments by a top official from President Robert Mugabe’s government slamming xenophobic violence in South Africa were “hypocrisy of the highest order”.

“One cannot pick and choose what types of xenophobia or racism are acceptable or not,” Coltart said in a Facebook post.

“One cannot say that it is fine to make inflammatory racist remarks against one race and then condemn xenophobia or racist behaviour directed against another group,” said the lawyer, who served as education minister during Zimbabwe’s 2009-13 coalition government.

Coltart was responding to Information Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Earlier this week Moyo had hit back at comments from the ANC’s Gwede Mantashe who said the governing South African party “had no desire to drive white people into the sea”.

Mantashe’s remarks may in part have been prompted by Mugabe’s declaration during a state visit to South Africa last week that he did not “want to see a white face”.

In his tweet hitting back at Mantashe, Moyo wrote: “We differ with the ANC on blacks!”

Coltart wrote: “To this day [Mugabe’s] Zanu-PF is still kicking productive white farmers off land, simply because they are whites who do not happen to support them.”

At least 13 white farmers have been killed and tens of thousands of black farm-workers have lost their jobs since Mugabe, now 91, began a programme of white farm takeovers in 2000.

The former education minister said many Zimbabweans who had fled to South Africa during recent years left due to a “succession of brutal and destructive policies implemented by Moyo’s party”.

Zimbabweans were on Wednesday mulling holding protests against xenophobia outside the South African embassy in Harare, according to social networking sites.


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    kalulu 7 years ago

    I have followed in dismay what is happening in South Africa on the black people killing and ill treating fellow africans and wondered why this was happening. I also realised that some of these africans on the receiving end have run away from countries such as Zimbabwe where they may have been victims of political thuggery before leaving the country and now they are caught in between the frying pan and fire as it were. However, when I read the Book of Isaiah it says that GOD sent his prophet Isaiah to warn Egyptians where all africans originated from and spread through Africa (Bantu Migration) that if they do not leave idolatory (false religion) he will punish them, they will be carried to foreign countries as slaves, borother will kill brother. This means we are cursed for running away from true religion. Look at the rich natural resources in Africa and compare it with the poverty most of which is due to corruption. This shows that if we do not repent and worship the true God of the Bible there will be no end to our ordeals. Food for thought Amen.

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    Kevin 7 years ago

    Jonathan Moyo is a fraudster who defrauded the Ford Foundation of grant money when he was in Kenya, he then defrauded Witwatersrand University in South Africa of grant monies. That forced him to run back to Zimbabwe where he had to change his tune and support Mugabe. Why you ask, the answer is to get a diplomatic passport so he can travel without fear of being arrested.
    The man is a liar dishonest and a fraudster. David Coltart is right!

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    nkosinathi mkwanazi 7 years ago

    Yes Afrophobia is evil in its entirety.
    However how about Anti Mugabe phobia. Anti Zanuphobia. U get the same treatment as afrophobia victims. Lets stop the Rot fellow Africans. Where is our Ubuntu.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago