Come back home Cde President

via Come back home Cde President – DailyNews Live 30 December 2014

HARARE – At 90, President Robert Mugabe deserves from time to time, to rest and his annual leave which takes part of December and January is a necessity given the complexities of being chief executive of a nation whose economy is in the intensive care unit.

After a turbulent 2014, which climaxed in an unprecedented Zanu PF congress at which Mugabe admitted that his much younger wife, Grace was now telling him what to do, the nonagenarian’s  break was long overdue.

But it is surely immoral for Mugabe to fly all the way to the Far East and show the world that he has a bottomless pocket.

The First Family’s perchance for splendour, glitz and extravagance was all too evident when one of Mugabe’s sons, splashed pictures of the family seemingly having a swell time in the Far East while back home, people are living from hand to mouth.

The pictures the Mugabe’s displayed on social media were in bad taste no matter what the intention was. Why does Mugabe not go on holiday at our own resorts like the majestic Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Kariba and Gonarezhou among others.

It is wrong for Mugabe to be familiar with the Far East resorts more than his own back home. Before the Far East jaunts, Mugabe used to favour European tours where his favourite destination was the United Kingdom (UK).

Mugabe loved the UK to an extent that there was a joke that Mugabe at one point flew home from Cape Town in South Africa and made a stopover in the UK.

Why is it that Mugabe does not promote domestic tourism? If Mugabe is really interested in five star luxury, there are plenty of such places in Zimbabwe be it in Victoria Falls or Chiredzi, home to some of the best lodges in the world.

Both MDC formations have blasted Mugabe for his love for foreign destinations as opposed to our own and for spending big while the nation wallows in abject poverty.

While Mugabe splashed cash in the Far East, the country’s social service delivery sectors have been on a death spiral, with hospitals in intensive care, water shortages worsening and thousands of children dropping out of school.

On top of the 4 600 companies that have closed this year alone, more are expected to fold next year and the number of those unemployed is ever rising.

Christmas bonuses have all but dried up with an astonishing 60 000 people having lost their jobs since Zanu PF’s, 2013 disputed electoral triumph.

These are the issues Mugabe should be addressing not blowing money in some far eastern country.


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    Very wise,intellectual, clever, peculiar people,I am well,encouraged and persuaded,our people, fit in first ticket of, life.
    So,people as we possess, first class ticket, then,let’s not, question the one traveling, in first class, but rather, let’s question the one in, Economy class, why,be in Economy class, when she or he possess, first class ticket.
    The, issue, of if,our leaders or heads of States,dining in Special place, or play golf or whatever, sport there interested in,that’s should not be a problem,
    Infact, we, should encourage our leaders, to so and,explore as far as they desire or want, even if it means Party in space, mars, or the moon,let’s send them there,and let them bring ideas,knowledge to share.
    I personal I don’t want the President to dine,at home, but rather in UK,or somewhere ellse Far East, whatever.
    But, what I,desire is The Queen of Britain, the Royal Family, to Dine and Party in CHIREDZI, or some where ellse in our Majestic country.

    I like your,atcall,tittle”Come back Home, our President “, ahhhh,have a happy new,year 2015.


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    Josh Kama 7 years ago

    He does not promote domestic tourism because he is not a Zimbabwean. We all know that don’t we?

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    Josh Kama 7 years ago

    He is not a Zimbabwean, so how can he promote your tourism. We all know that he is not a Zimbabwean.

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    MikeH 7 years ago

    mugabe and morals !!! You can have one without the other, never both together.

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    Zimbabwe is very rich with a lot of places the president is so proud of and should capitalize for his vacation. This would circulate and leave all his dollars in Zimbabwe. The jet fuel money would be saved in the country. By the way we have well trained doctors. If he should need help there are the avenue clinics and Parirenyatwa . What kind of message does the president give when he can’t even use the resources in his own country and leave the money in his own state. Am I missing something here?

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    I would rather that the headline was: “Stay away forever Cde President.”