Compensation: FinMin meets white farmers

Compensation: FinMin meets white farmers – NewZimbabwe 31/03/2016

HARARE: The government may issue treasury bills, along with imposing a land levy, to raise money to compensate evicted white farmers but the process will take a long time to settle, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said on Thursday.

President Robert Mugabe early this month agreed to major reforms, including compensation for white farmers, as part of measures to end Zimbabwe’s isolation by the West.

Chinamasa told a meeting of farmers, Western ambassadors to Harare and government officials that the government would work with former white farmers to evaluate farms in order to reach an agreement on how much to pay in compensation.

The government had no money now to pay the farmers and would look to taxing black farmers who benefited from the seizures to contribute towards a compensation fund, he said.

“And of course it means that, in that respect, we have to start talking about treasury bills as well,” Chinamasa said.

Compensation would be paid to aged white farmers first while younger ones would be paid over time, he said, and Thursday’s meeting was part of efforts to mend relations with the West.

He declined to comment further on the issue.

New farm occupants working the land, many of whom had few farming skills when they were resettled, say they can barely make ends meet, let alone pay an extra levy.

The land seizures, along with allegations of vote-rigging and human rights abuses – all denied by Mugabe – led to Harare being targeted with sanctions by Western donors.

“Addressing compensation issues is a necessary condition to create a more favourable business climate and increase the level of confidence of foreign and domestic investors in the agriculture sector,” said Philippe Van Damme, the European Union ambassador to Harare.

Zimbabwe paid compensation to 240 farmers before 2008 out of the 6,214 farms that it has seized since 2000.

The country is now in the grip of a devastating drought that has left up to 4 million people facing hunger.



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    Piankhi 6 years ago

    Any dog in government in Zimbabwe, that would remotely think about giving these white thieving devils one penny should be shot for treason against the country. Chinamasa is a freakin clown, and nothing more than a coward. You really want to give money for compensation back to murders, rapist and theives that have made untold fortunes off the backs of Zimbabwean people. Were is the Lancaster Agreement Mr. President. Let their white brother in Britian pay for their so called compensation to these theives. Somethings you can never agree on. This conversation of compensation to these white MF’s who still today sit back and collect fortunes under the table with Zimbabwean politicans right now. My people in leadership in Zimbabwe have fallen to a all time low. Zimbabwe should be telling these white dogs to leave, period. After over 100 years of suffering at the hands of these beast in white skin, this is the best that Chinamasa and the President can offer their people. How do you keep paying a thief for something he stole from you? Just so you can get back in favor with your oppressors. That is some sick mental illness of behalf of the so called leadership of Zimbabwe. As I have told government before. We can turn this economy around in less than 24 months. But since they are so arrogant in their behavior, they would rather kiss the ass of the same people who put your country in a slave mentality. Someone needs clean house in Zimbabwe and get rid of these weak dogs calling themselve financial minds. I guess when you look as stupid as Chinamasa does and person. I guess he would be the best person to deal with if I was his enemy.

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      Mixed Race 6 years ago

      I suggest you ask Ugandans how they compensated the Indians for their businesses which were seized during Idi Amin’s rule.You pay heavily for the naive and misguided past action you did under momb sycology behaviour.It was nice to harass the poor white farms, with the help of the state machinery,now the same state machinery will force you to pay back plus interests.
      International law on property rights is governed by what is known as Title Deeds which you failed to get when you seized the farms-this was a clear proof that you were just being used for political gains not empowerment as you foolishly believed at that time.Grow up and sense where the wind is now blowing to and adjust before it is too late for you.

    • comment-avatar
      dubbozimbo 6 years ago

      You are an idiot aren’t you. Mugabe is trying to suck up to the West, but Zim is so broke as Zanu stole the diamond money. China is too clever to give anything to starving blacks. Why are you starving? Because your stupid.

      • comment-avatar
        Piankhi 6 years ago

        Why am I starving. My goodness. such stupidity. Never been hungry in my existence. Never had a job in my life, never worked for anyone in my life. Understand something my little misguilded fool. My power is outstanding. I look at my people and time for me to wake them up. And for those who want to stay sleep. They will never wake up anyway. You will see the Empire. Mugabe is irrelevent to the end game. He served his purpose. America, nothing left, there time is done. You think it is about money. Paper? My misguilded fool, you are still thinking about material things. That comes and goes, depending on who is in power and at a specific time. Your still on the physical level.. This is way above your existence. Many are call. Very few are chosen. And who cares about the rest. Blackness, Triple Darkness, Absolute. Your existence is only a thought. That is how relevent you are now. Paut Kaauwn. If you are lost on that. You do not exist. Make time for something else. Because the little you have is being wasted.

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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    On a more moderate note, and working on the hypothesis that the ‘improvements’on the farms were not ‘stolen’, those who took or were given possession of the improvements are the ones who should pay for them and no-one else – not the taxpayer, not the totallity black farmers.

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    bambazonke 6 years ago

    Painkhi you need to go back to the bush and smoke some more bobo gwayi, get real, you certainly have no idea what you are talking about , compensation will happen ,when we don’t know !, if the new farmers pays even better , look at the rest of Africa where land compensation have taken place, mainly due to war it has taken no more than 25 years to settle ,

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    Johann 6 years ago

    @ Painkhi
    What would one call a man who took your vehicle that you bought. I’m sure one would call him a thief.
    A businessman bought a farm in Zimbabwe or had his title deed that he had in Rhodesia converted and recognised by the Zimbabwean government, pays his taxes to that government. Is he not the legal owner of that deed despite his colour? Someone who dishonours that deed is the same as the person who takes your car that you bought. He is a thief!
    Here’s something for you to think about. In order for there to have been a slave trade there has to have been a person selling slaves to those white MFs you hate so much. Perhaps your own brothers!?

    The truth is Chinamasa has no intent to compensate anyone. All he really wants is more Squarit from the IMF so that he can continue to ride in a European made Benz and Boeing. Therefore he needs to show some intent of getting Zimbabwe back to respecting its own and international law.

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    generation bob ouster 6 years ago

    painkhi is a stupid brat seems he benefited from thc programe now wakutya kubhadhara

    • comment-avatar
      Piankhi 6 years ago

      My brother or sister. I am a 53 year old African American here as an investor also in 4 other countries on the continent. Let make myself clear. I do not get involved with Politics or Religion. The 2 biggest killers in the history of the world. My mom is from Uganda and I grow up in the U.S. while coming back and forth to Africa. You are speaking out of anger. I know you and Zimbabwean are not happy with the enviornment and it will change. We have major investment coming here and will help the people. Emotions only clouds your judgement of what to do. Mugabe will not be in power much larger. As I said nature always make things even. But do not also fall in the illusion that the whites created for themselve as no Zimbabwean benefited from their occupation. This is about your people, African people worldwide. You think it is bad here. African Americans are getting murdered everyday be white police and no one does anything and you see the on the international news. We have to stop waiting for other races of people to help us and work together to further or own interest for Black people. Every other race does it and stay together as a community. That is what the whites did. Strip our people of community, family and culture. Remember who you are and the greatness of your ancestors. Not another races ancestors. They will not help you. I have come home to help. It is not easy, but it is a start.

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    Doris 6 years ago

    And your race, my friend, have in turn stripped Zimbabweans of their livelihoods. Do you feel better now? Is retribution so satisfying to you that you want to continue with a program of violence and hatred? The sins of the fathers can be used to benefit your personal gains for how long? Such racism and hatred. I feel sorry for you.

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    Pamela 5 years ago

    I support the compensetion plans; it is one step in the right direction; for the people and for the country. Hope the plan works