Confront Mugabe on Gukurahundi: ZimPF

OPPOSITION Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru was at the weekend confronted by her critics during a campaign rally in Pretoria and accused of being complicit in the Gukurahundi massacres.

Source: Confront Mugabe on Gukurahundi: ZimPF – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 22, 2016


ZimPF spokesperson Methuseli Moyo confirmed the incident yesterday, but urged Mujuru’s critics to redirect their anger on President Robert Mugabe, who allegedly ordered the mass killings.

“Our position on Gukurahundi and other atrocities committed by Mugabe is very clear. There must be a truth and reconciliation commission which will determine the facts of who did what, when, how and why, and how the sad chapters must be closed,” Moyo told Southern Eye.

“ZimPF, and indeed our leader Mujuru, is genuinely committed to that position. We wish these two or so people who tried to confront Mujuru in Pretoria, could direct their anger and energy towards Mugabe.”

He said it was unfair for civic groups to link Mujuru to the massacres and seek to bar her from visiting Gukurahundi victims’ mass graves in Bhalagwe.

Mujuru recently torched a storm when she revealed plans to visit mass graves of Gukurahundi victims, in particular, the Bhalagwe detention centre in Kezi, with some Matabeleland-based pressure groups accusing her of seeking to capitalise on the issue.

According to the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice (CCJP), the Gukurahundi mass killings left over 20 000 civilians dead when Mugabe sent a North-Korean-trained militia to Matabeleland and Midlands to crackdown on dissent to his rule.

“How suddenly some people think that has changed and Mujuru was Commander-in-Chief during Gukurahundi is baffling. That the 5 Brigade was a private army with a separate command is well-documented and undisputed.

“My advice to them is that if they are genuine they must come home and confront Mugabe and demand that he releases the report on Gukurahundi that was produced by a commission he himself appointed to investigate the matter. Everything must be in that report which Mugabe, and not Mujuru, has for three decades kept locked in his library at State House.”


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Mujuru is an unintelligent hypocrite who, after 34 years in Zanu PF, should focus her political aspirations on something other than belatedly condemning what – at the least – she failed to complain about during all that time. The real message that comes out of this is that she lacks the intelligence to assess other people’s intelligence – a common problem with fools.