Controversial POSA Invoked against MRT Member

via Controversial POSA Invoked against MRT Member 3 December 2014

Three leaders of Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) vice chairperson Honest Maksi,ward 2 energy secretary Misheck Gava and Simbarashe Hove arrested today for organising a demonstration against Zimbabwe Supply Authority ( ZESA ).

The three members of MRT are represented by Zimbabwe lawyers of Human Rights Martin Mureri of Matutu and Mureri Associates. The three are facing charges of breaching the criminal law codification and reform act chapter 9:23. They alleged to promote public violence, breaches of peace or bigotry.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police riot disrupted the gathering at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions offices (ZCTU).The demonstration was organised by the residents at Mucheke Hall on 21November 2014 after ZESA failed to pop up to the community meeting which was facilitated by Election Resource Centre in collaboration with Masvingo Residents Trust. The riot disrupt the demonstration before the residents marched to the ZESA offices and lead to arrest of three members of MRT.

The failure by the government to fasten the realignment of the constitution and must cease to drag its feet on re-alignment of the constitution for it is a matter that has been long overdue. We believe that justice delayed is justice denied as the controversial as citizens continue to suffer from the archaic, retrogressive and repressive POSA and AIPPA which are no longer applicable in the 2013 new Zimbabwean constitution.

The Zimbabwean police continue the use of these acts by coming up with flimsy excuses as infringement of freedom of expression and right to demonstrate is stifled. Masvingo Residents Trust on numerous occasions had its applications to hold public meetings denied by the police giving unjustified reasons. POSA has been for many years crippling Zimbabwe`s democratic progressions by stifling open debates that strengthen good governance as the laws are used to suppress the opposing voices of the people. In terms of the Zimbabwe Declaration of Rights, most sections of POSA are unconstitutional in that they deny the guaranteed rights of assembly and freedom of expression.