‘Cops have no revenue targets’

Source: ‘Cops have no revenue targets’ – DailyNews Live

STAFF WRITER      21 February 2017

HARARE – The only target police officers have is how many small vehicles,
trucks or buses they have searched and not revenue targets, Home Affairs
deputy minister Obedingwa Mguni has told Parliament.

This comes after Bulawayo Metropolitan MDC MP Dorothy Bhebhe asked whether
it was government policy that when police go to roadblocks, they are given
targets to meet in terms of revenue collection on daily basis.

But Mguni said: “There is a key performance indicator in any worker where
each police officer must have a target on how many small vehicles they
have searched, how many trucks they have searched and how many buses.

“It is not related to the revenue but to see that they are working,
otherwise they will stand under the trees,” Mguni said amid loud
interjections from backbenchers.

“Therefore, on key performance indicators, we have targets and on revenue,
we do not know because all cars may comply and there is no revenue

Amid inaudible interjections, Speaker Jacob Mudenda jumped in, saying “the
honourable deputy minister has disabused the issue of target on money

“It is the number of vehicles that are being searched, which is the
target.  So, the question does not arise,” the Zanu PF Politburo member
and Speaker said.

With MPs having stood up in protest, Mudenda bellowed: “Order, order.
When the chair is giving a ruling, you do not stand up.

“The honourable deputy minister explained clearly that there is no target
search for money collected. What is said is the number of vehicles that
have been searched by the police in charge at that particular roadblock.
That is the issue.”

Bhebhe raised a point of order, saying it was “a very pertinent question”.

Mudenda allowed Bhebhe to proceed.

“I am asking this question because when the police go out on roadblocks,
they are supposed to issue tickets because it is not everyone who drives
around a vehicle who carries money or has money in his bank account,”
Bhebhe said.

“You would find that the police do not issue out tickets but they demand
to an extent of threatening people to go to police stations and open
dockets. Hence, I am asking the issue of the targets that arise because if
you do not meet the target, it means you are going to coerce or force
people to pay spot fines.

“This is why I am asking the issue of targets.  That is the clarity we
want because people out there are going to charge us by the questions we
ask and the responses we give.”

Mudenda said: “If there is that demand on the spot, the concerned citizen
should quickly phone the police headquarters so that the officer who is
demanding is brought to book”

Social media groups like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka have cited corruption at
police roadblocks where motorists encounter shakedowns by corrupt cops as
among the main reasons for protests that have rocked the nation in the
last few months.

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has also said the police and the
Vehicle Inspection Department that issues driving licences were among the
most corrupt institutions in the country.

MDC legislator Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga questioned why police
officers carry spikes which they throw under people’s vehicles.

“I would like the honourable minister to clarify which law and policy they
follow as they use these spikes.

“There are many people who have lost lives because of this,” she said.

Mudenda shielded Mguni from answering the supplementary question saying he
did not know where it was going to “because the original question was
about targeted collection and not spikes”.