Corruption levels alarming: Chinamasa

Source: Corruption levels alarming: Chinamasa | The Herald

September 13, 2016

Martin Kadzere Senior Business Reporter
CORRUPTION in both public and private sectors has reached “alarming proportions” and is stifling growth, revenue mobilisation efforts as well as scaring away investors, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said.

Minister Chinamasa said given the resource constraints in the economy and losses through corruption and mismanagement, it was necessary that more effort be applied to establish robust systems and enforcing rules, regulations and procedures.

In the public sector, Minister Chinamasa said the Auditor General has revealed rampant corruption and inefficiencies across Government ministries, departments and agencies.

“Corruption is an additional cost to doing business. It scares away potential investors, represents a leakage of resources from the mainstream economy and deprives Government of much-needed fiscal resources,” said Minister Chinamasa while presenting the Mid Term Fiscal Policy Statement last Thursday.

“I applaud current Government efforts to fight the disease, but certainly much more needs to be done.

“Our efforts in this regard should be more visible in order to restore and instil public confidence.”

Minister Chinamasa said there was need to enhance follow up on and recommendations of the Auditor General, who has exposed corruption in public institutions.

Auditor General Ms Mildred Chiri has over the last few years revealed that Government may have been prejudiced of hundreds of millions of dollars by a number of public entities.

These include Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, which violated good governance practices and standing rules. But despite the revelations, no individuals have been prosecuted over the corruption allegations.

Minister Chinamasa said attention would be placed on redressing revenue leakages at border posts, “as well as in other areas, including leakages involving such natural resource endowments as diamonds and gold.

It is estimated Zimbabwe could have lost $14 billion potential revenue from diamonds. It is also estimated the country could be losing about $1,8 billion annually through illicit financial flows.

The minister said tightening of controls that enhance more efficient utilisation of retention funds will be effected.

Analysts say it is now time for Government to “walk the talk” on corruption.

“They always talk about prosecuting corruption,” said an analyst with a local stockbroking firm. We talk but we never walk. Our media has done so well to expose corruption involving senior Government officials but we have not seen any action taken agonists these officials.”


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    “I applaud current Government efforts to fight the disease, but certainly much more needs to be done. ………”, said Patrick Chinamasa.

    This statement alone clearly shows that Patrick, just like his boss, one RGM, is now mentally disturbed/deranged. Who in his/her sane mind would ever claim that Robert’s government has ever exerted any effort to fight corruption? For all we know, Robert himself does not want anyone with clean hands in his cabinet or on any influential position in his government. To be close to the reins of power in Mugabe-land one needs to be filthy dirty – either corrupt to the core or literally have blooded hands; or even better still be a champion in both of the two evils: be both a thief & murderer in one. This is the reason, the stars of the likes of Saviour, Ignitious, Patrick, Philip, Jim, Wicknell, Super, Samuel, etc will continue to shine for as long as the 92 yr old dictator remains ensconced in our state house. Nxaaaaaaa.

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      Fallenz 6 years ago


      The culture of corruption begins at the top, and works its way down the hierarchy. Each level allowing the subordinate levels a bit of corruption as insurance to sustain their own. A little averse here, a little theft there, a bit of nepotism, massive vote tampering, lies, violence… and when you count up all the levels, and all those who think theft is their right, you end up with a sickening, seething, bubbling cauldron of infectious vice and greed that the ZANU-PF government has been for all its years in power.

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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    It’s the Heralds new ‘logo’ – let’s fight corruption. I ask myself whether the problem is the people who write this rubbish, or the people who believe it?

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    CORRUPTION is a ZANU PF culture agenda item to be achieved and whose success is often highlighted by the Auditor-General annually by naming the patriotic contenders for the awards yet to be presented. Even the public press is in the running for the awards, given ts parorchial shouting of the agenda.

  • comment-avatar
    R Judd 6 years ago

    Chinama certainly knows corruption. Follow his career. This dude knows all about corruption

    • comment-avatar
      TJINGABABILI 6 years ago

      Since 1980!!!!!!! CONGRATS ZANUPF! FROM THE BUSH TO BUCKS! !!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Naphiri Chipisiwa 6 years ago

    I just get that feeling of helplessness you know Zimbabwe wont win at all despite wanting regime change or any form of change You have to go through Mugabe first Talk about a brickwall!!!!! Why is there no mention of Kasukuwere in custody with a name so synonymous with corruption dividing people and just a mere thug and the weird rituals at some graves You get the impression the that person from above is scared to get rid of Kasukuwere because of what might come out of the cookie jar I despair -cry my beloved country – Until when ?? Does it make sense anyway for admonishing your minister after an all around trip when in fact you are doing the most harm to the country – we calculate how much was spent -just in a few days Kenya Swaziland and Dubai Flying in doctors from Singapore then Zambia which I personally think you should not go Why go to conglatulate a new president Is it not their 6th president since you have been in power How would you justify such unwarranted waste of revenue -We have to ask these regular trips for check up Is this coming from your salary or we are funding them ? I give up I wont comment because thinking of my country just makes me sick and frustrated

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    Taneta Nazvo 6 years ago

    Interesting! Oh! When did it start? That’s shocking news!

  • comment-avatar
    i am not the one 6 years ago

    No sh1t, Sherlock! One would have never thought that our esteemed leaders would be capable of such. It must be a third force or the pesky West accusing an emerging democracy to hide their failings.

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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Come now Patrick you know very well there is no will or path to punish the perpetrators.

    Bob would be serving 20000 life sentences just to begin with.
    I rest my case

    Keep yapping and howling like the jackals in the gangeni is all.

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    zambuko 6 years ago

    If my memory serves me Patrick Chinamasa was the Attorney General when Frederick Shava was convicted and then received a Presidential Pardon. Patrick Chinamasa then declined to prosecute other cases because he felt this would be a waste of prosecutorial time. The Attorney General then was invited to sit in cabinet, as a reward.

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    Randall Flagg 6 years ago

    Yada yada yada! corruption!! blah blah blah!! oh just shut up Chinamasa, honestly this guy is quite annoying. Corruption is in this country is alarming to you because you are very much part of it, you are a vital cog to that machine and of course you should know how bad it is. Just do us a favour and just go and in to exile and advise your old boss to the same.We will be a much better country without you and your old deranged boss.