Court puts ex-MDC-T MP Mubhawu to his defence

Source: Court puts ex-MDC-T MP Mubhawu to his defence | The Herald

Court Reporter

Former MDC-T MP Timothy Mubhawu was yesterday put to his defence during his domestic violence case when the court asked him to explain the circumstances under which his wife left their matrimonial home. Mubhawu (55) is facing charges of breaching a protection order.Harare magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe dismissed Mubhawu’s application for discharge at the close of the State’s case. Said Mr Chikwekwe: “There is a valid court order against the accused which was produced in court. There was a police report to the effect that accused had breached the court order.

“In his explanation accused said he gave his wife a $5 divorce token while the wife said she was chased from the matrimonial home. “The court wants to know how she left. Accused has to explain whether she left voluntarily and he did not breach the court order.”

The matter was adjourned to November 4. In his application for discharge, Mubhawu, through his lawyer Ms Concellia Maheya, said the evidence of the complainant, Elizabeth Molleen Mubhawu, was inconsistent and unreliable.

“Her testimony in court was different from the statement she gave to the police,” said Ms Maheya. “Elizabeth told the court that on the night of the offence she slept in a ditch – a place where she usually sleeps – but to the police she said she slept at a friend’s house.”

Prosecutor Mr Chrispen Chikafu alleged that on May 24 this year, Molleen applied for a protection order. After two days, Mubhawu was ordered to attend court on June 21. On June 6, Molleen allegedly returned to the Civil Court and was given another court date, August 1.

The court heard that on July 11, Molleen went to Rhodesville Police Station and reported that Mubhawu had chased her out from their matrimonial home. She is now staying with relatives.

On the same day, Mubhawu escorted their housemaid, Mupangai Tsamwa Chamapiwa, to report an assault charge against Molleen. Mubhawu was given protection order papers to sign, but refused.