Cremora Mugabe is like Jesus, says Mafios

Cremora Mugabe is like Jesus, says Mafios – NewZimbabwe 18/03/2016

ZANU PF provincial chairman for Mashonaland Central, Dickson Mafios, has likened President Robert Mugabe to Jesus Christ, adding the 92 year old leader was “Cremora”.

Mugabe is in Bindura where he is holding a rally at Chipadze Stadium. With him are his wife Grace and several Zanu PF and government officials. Earlier during the day, Mugabe officially launched the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University in the mining town.

Mafios took the opportunity to tell Mugabe that Mashonaland Central was hundred percent behind Mugabe.  He added that government departments in the area were not doing enough to develop the province.

“Government departments are doing very little to advance development in the province. We are not reporting them Shefu but simply telling you what is bothering us,” said Mafios.

He then likened Mugabe to Jesus, adding “Shefu muri Cremora”.

“Shefu, people do not have anything to eat in this province. They are hungry and the food you have been giving them is being distributed corruptly,” said Mafios.

Mafios is not the only one to liken Mugabe to Jesus. The late Tony Gara also likened his boss to Christ in the 1990s.

Former Media, Information and Publicity minister, Webster Shamu, also once said Mugabe was feared the world over because of his intelligence and was like Cremora.

“Gushungo, people say you have Cremora, the whole body. The war the world over, President is about you. They fear you and that is why they are doing all this,” Shamu said.

“There is no president the world over who has degrees like President Mugabe. He is brainy and that’s why he is feared. You fought the liberation struggle for a long time and you should also rule for as long as you want.”

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, also once described Mugabe as a liberator of unparalleled proportions “who God should keep for a long time to rule Zimbabwe”.


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    These clowns are amazing

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    masvukupete 6 years ago

    He has missed the boat by centuries.

    He is now stale milk even to his own party supporters.