Defence Forces to get colours

Source: Defence Forces to get colours | The Herald August 8, 2016

Samantha Chigogo Herald Correspondent
Zimbabwe Defence Forces formations, regiments and units will tomorrow be officially presented with their base colours and flags for the first time since independent Zimbabwe, in a historic event that will be presided over by President Mugabe. Only the Commando regiment was presented with its colours in 1981. The presentation by President Mugabe, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the ZDF, on the occasion of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day, will take place at the 60 000-seater National Sports Stadium in Harare.

In a statement yesterday, the Commander of the Defence Forces, General Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga, said commemorations will be held in accordance to the country’s Constitution.

“The ZDF will be celebrating 36 years of its formation on Tuesday August 9, 2016 whose significance is in line with Section 212 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said. “It provides that the function of the Defence Forces is to protect Zimbabwe, its people, its national security and interest and its territorial integrity and to uphold this Constitution.”

Gen Chiwenga said all was set for the commemorations.

“This year’s main parade is very unique in that there will be the presentation of colours to formations, regiments and units of the Zimbabwe National Army by his Excellency, the President, Head of State and Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe,” he said.

“Concurrently the Air Force of Zimbabwe will fly over gracing new colours and after the presentation, the President will then deliver his keynote address to the nation.” He said similar parades would be held in all the country’s nine other administrative provinces where Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs will officiate on behalf of the President.

Several entertainers are lined up for masses expected to grace the event. “At the main parade entertainment will be provided for by musicians led by Alick Macheso, supported by Soul Jah love and Bounty Lisa.

“The Air Force of Zimbabwe dance troupe and the 5 Infantry Brigade traditional dance band will also add colour to the variety of the entertainment,” Gen Chiwenga said. “Military skydivers will be there to thrill the crowds with parachute jumps into the stadium and a soccer match pitting Caps United against the ZDF Select team.”

He said a spectacular retreat ceremony of the military parade would be officiated by Hon Minister of Defence Dr Sydney Tigere Sekeremayi.


  • comment-avatar
    amina 6 years ago

    To the military men this 36 years has seen their fortunes decimating to no salary as they have watched Mugabe and his cronies getting fatter and richer and older.

  • comment-avatar
    Bravo 6 years ago

    Can they eat colours? I’m sure most of them would rather receive a salary on time instead of this noddy badge. How pathetic.

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 6 years ago

    Well, they have emboldened the government and its surrogates for how many years now… maybe they deserve two badges… oh yes, and delay pay packets two months. Who would be more deserving.