Defiant Mawarire surfaces in SA

Source: Defiant Mawarire surfaces in SA – The Standard July 17, 2016

Harare pastor Evan Mwarire has revealed that he is in South Africa where he is meeting Zimbabweans based in that country, ending speculation that he was abducted after his historic court victory last Wednesday.


Mawarire was last week released by a Harare magistrate when the police tried to cage him for alleged treason after he led successful protests against President Robert Mugabe’s government that included a total shutdown of Zimbabwe.

On Friday night, he was forced to post on his Facebook page assuring his followers that he was out of danger and revealed that he was out of the country.

Mawarire said some unknown people had also visited his Harare home and church offices looking for him.

“Unfortunately, I have been unable to communicate via my phone as usual because the police are still in possession of my phone,” he wrote on his Facebook page that had garnered 33 600 likes as of last night.

I am also reliably informed that groups of men have been apparently looking for me at my home and office.

“Currently I have travelled to attend to a previously arranged engagement outside the country and will be back home to my family and work soon.”

He followed it up with a video last night where he revealed that he was in South Africa. The cleric thanked Zimbabweans for rallying behind him during his brief incarceration.

Mawarire urged Zimbabweans not to back down in the protests against the collapse of the economy and worsening corruption.

He also urged protestors to remain peaceful and united. Mawarire said he would release more videos in the next few days.

The government claims Mawarire is being sponsored by the United States and France to undermine Mugabe’s rule, an allegation that has been laughed off by Zimbabweans.


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    Robert Mugabe/Grace and all their associates Must Go Now! By all means reasonable Necessary!
    Defiant Mawarire surfaces in SA!! Will be up here in UK.
    Glory to God. He is forever good all the time. Hallelujah. Amen.
    Pastor Evan Mwarire, I and all fellow Zimbabweans in Africa/Global we do agree with you that:
    This is the time and the time is now that Robert Mugabe/Grace and all their associates must be forced out of government of Zimbabwe. If this means by Coup and Toping ZANU Pf from power! Then let it be.
    All people of Zimbabwe of all different Tribes( Ndebele/Shona/Kananga/Tonga/Fengo#Name them all) are now 100% united in over throwing this Dog# Chimbwa-mupengo called Robert Mugabe/Grace and associates.
    Arguably, this is now none political affiliations-But Common Sense driven and pumped up by basic Human Rights Humanity. End of.
    Stay Blessed Big Time@Kind Regards.
    Hope, Peace and Justice.
    Victor Vusi Nkomo AKA Victor Irvine Sibanda By the UK Government.