Defiant MDC-T youth leader vows to fight on

DEFIANT MDC-T youth leader, Happymore Chidziva, who on Monday spent nearly seven hours at Harare Central Police Station’s Law and Order Section, being questioned on allegations of inciting violence, has vowed to fight on.

Source: Defiant MDC-T youth leader vows to fight on – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 22, 2017


Soon after his release, Chidziva met with the party’s national youth executive council, where he urged members to turn up the heat on the Zanu PF government.

“We cannot give in to these intimidatory tactics because we all have a responsibility to change the fortunes of our nation by challenging bad leadership. This won’t stop because police have chosen to take sides with an unjust regime,” he told NewsDay yesterday.

Chidziva said police released him after failing to justify his arrest and realising that their case was “non-existent”.

“I am alleged to have committed the offence some seven months ago and they never saw it necessary to arrest or charge me then. They alleged that I was on the run, but I was addressing public meetings attended by their officers all along,” he said.

Chidziva was at the forefront of organising MDC-T demonstrations, most of which ended violently, with the police using brute force to crush them.

The youth executive also used the opportunity to release a statement dismissing the 21st February Movement celebrations used to mark President Robert Mugabe’s birthday.

Youth assembly spokesperson, Brain Dube, said instead of celebrating, Zimbabwe was mourning the painful legacy of Mugabe’s uninterrupted rule of 37 years.

Dube said Mugabe had only formatted violence, corruption and unemployment as a culture for Zimbabwe.