Degradation of Zimbabwean women in Johannesburg

via Degradation of Zimbabwean women in Johannesburg | Johnnyforthright February 14, 2016 by Johnny Forthright

Almost in every brothel, tavern and place of adult entertainment you find Zimbabwean women. There are dozens of these adult places in Johannesburg central alone. Some of them are The Summit, Diplomat, Hilbrow Inn, Ambassador Hotel, Maxim, Little Rose and the Royal.

Many women from Zimbabwe are employed in these places where they provide adult services to clients charging an average of R70 for making love with a client. Owners of these places of adult entertainment are benefiting much from the use of women. Sometimes women are required to strip to the crowd.

In Hilbrow Inn and Dipomat Hotel there are live s….x shows.  A woman will start by stripping and then any man will be called from the spectators to come and make love with the woman. Whilst they are doing this the crowd will be cheering at this moral degradation of women.

Such clubs benefit financially from using women for adult services. It is said that woman attracts men who will in turn buy beer and other things on sell in the club.  Many women come to South Africa to look for green pastures. When they arrive in South Africa they get no opportunity and become so desperate that they end up employed in clubs and places of adult entertainment.

In Zimbabwe the situation is desperate there are no jobs, hospitals are closing down, private companies are closing down, teachers, doctors and nurses are always on strike demanding better wages. The government is failing to pay its employees.  The 91 year old President Robert Mugabe has been in power for 36 years and is refusing to pave the way for democracy and human rights.

South Africa which is hosting millions of Zimbabweans is facing problems of unemployment, rising of prices of basic goods, crime, abject poverty, political instability.  South Africa is characterized by strikes, parliamentary chaos, workers demanding salary increment and better working conditions.  Unemployment in South Africa is high. Poverty is increasing and hope is dwindling.

Zimbabweans who come to South Africa fleeing Mugabe’s hell are caught up in many problems such unemployment, lack of decent accommodation, lack medical access and difficulties in getting work or residency permits. Therefore many Zimbabwean women married or single have turned to prostitution.

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