Developing: Police stop war vets rally

via Developing: Police stop war vets rally – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 18, 2016

As the factional succession fights in Zanu PF intensify, police on Thursday morning reportedly stopped a planned war veterans’ rally that was due to be held at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

We follow the story with updates from Silence Charumbira who is at the scene.

Police have reportedly told the clearance for the war vets rally was for the nearby Zanu PF Headquartes and not City Sports Centre, but in their response, the war veterans, have accused the police of bias after Zanu Pf youths were allowed to hold their rally at the City Sports Centre.

Some of the women gathered could be heard shouting that they only listen to President Robert Mugabe, and not the First Lady Grace, who leads another faction, the G40, which is opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction, which is backed by war veterans.

At 10:30 am, things turned nasty as police started firing teargas to disperse the hundreds of the gathered war veterans.

Silence reports that some war veterans have fainted and are being ferried to the hospital.

By 12 pm, Obey Manayiti reports that the war veterans have been restricted to the eastern side of Rekayi Tangwena, on the open space adjacent to Rainbow Towers Hotel and police have brought in their water cannons and are reportedly using them to disperse the restive veterans of the liberation war.