Dhlakama plots new offensive in north

via Dhlakama plots new offensive in north – NewZimbabwe 17/12/2015

MOZAMBIQUE: Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama, broke a weeks-long silence on Wednesday to claim he plans to take over the country’s north in March or April.

Speaking by telephone in a videoconference in Maputo, the longtime leader who has not appeared in public since October 9 said he was alive and well, slamming “the propaganda orchestrated by those who have always wanted [him] dead.”

Dhlakama, who has led Renamo since 1979, was speaking from the central town of Satunjira, where he sought refuge after his house in the city of Beira was surrounded by police who forced his personal guard to surrender their weapons.

Renamo, which waged a 16-year civil war in the southern African nation until 1992, has repeatedly threatened to take power by force in central and northern Mozambique, where there have been a number of recent skirmishes.

The government has vowed to disarm the group, which has refused to accept the results of elections last year that returned the long-ruling Frelimo party to power.

Dhlakama said Wednesday that he planned to name governors and administrators in each of the six provinces where he topped the October 2014 vote.
He reiterated that he did not want war and would “occupy the provinces democratically and politically” but exercise his “right of defence” in case the government resisted militarily.

Moving to reassure foreign investors eyeing the country’s huge gas and coal reserves, he vowed that Renamo fighters would not attack infrastructure.

“There will be no ambushes,” he said.


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    Roberta Mugarbage 7 years ago

    Dhlakama, yet another African warlord that will soon need a walking aid to move around. What good can come from somebody who has done nothing but acts of sabotage and destruction for more then 35 years?

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    Ngoto Zimbwa 7 years ago

    @ Roberta Mugarbage

    Got to agree with your analysis.
    Sadly, Africa has still got some ways to go before it can make rational choices.

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    christopher nyamuzinga 7 years ago

    dhlakama is a murderer.