‘Diasporans won’t vote from outside Zim’

Source: ‘Diasporans won’t vote from outside Zim’ – DailyNews Live

Tendai Kamhungira      7 July 2017

HARARE – Zimbabweans based outside the country will not be able to vote in
next year’s watershed elections, national elections management body – the
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) – said yesterday bringing to an end
the debate on whether those in the Diaspora would be allowed to be part of
the crucial poll without casting their votes from here.

Addressing a high-level meeting with political parties and media houses,
Zec chairperson Rita Makarau said the current law does not allow
Zimbabweans not resident in the country to vote in the presidential,
parliamentary and municipal polls slated for next year.

“Will we establish polling stations outside Zimbabwe? No, we will not. And
the reason we will not is not because we do not want but because the law,
as it currently stands, does not give us the power to do so.

“Will the Diasporans be able to register to vote? Yes, they can register
to vote. They have to come back here, present themselves before voter
registration officers, with their proof of identity and an address within
Zimbabwe,” Makarau said.

“They can come and register to vote. Come voting day, because they would
have been allocated a polling station, they will have to come and vote at
that polling station.

” . . . so if we are to fight that battle, please don’t bring it to Zec,
take it back to the courts,” she added.

Makarau cited the recent ruling on the Diaspora vote by the Constitutional
Court (Con-Court) which recently threw out an application by a United
Kingdom-based Zimbabwean who sought to have Zec set up polling stations
outside the country.

She said Zec is guided by the Con-Court ruling.

Opposition parties have argued the move was designed to deny the
opposition millions of votes from mostly illegal immigrants eking out a
living in South Africa and other foreign countries who are decidedly
anti-President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Makarau told the high level delegation that Zec already has the $7,59
million funding for the procurement of the BVR kits.

She confirmed that they had signed an agreement on June 14 with Laxton
Group, which won the tender to provide the 3 000 BVR kits that will be
used in the voter registration process.


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    Tindo 5 years ago

    If we really want change and we think the current govnt is not good, Sezvazviri, let us go and register muZimbabwe imomo tono voter futi time yacho not to complain when we know that our constitution does not allow that. All diasporeans should be encouranged to register and vote hakuna change inouya usina kuisa your own voice. Change is very much possible in Zimbabwe kana tese tikaenda kuno voter. Hazvibatsiri kuchema evrytime asi nguva yatinopiwa mukana weku decider our own future we do not participate.

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    The Govt has proven it is running like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Even a monkey knows that if there are 3 million outside of the country – why is this – and they know their time will be up if we are allowed to vote.
    Yet, they seek my money – an absolute joke.
    Why does France, the UK and many other countries allow their citizens living in other countries the right to vote – simple – democracy and respect for rights to choose.
    Plus, they do not have to return to their home country to exercise that right.
    Who cares – the whole thing would be rigged anyway.

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      Diasporan Banker 5 years ago

      It may be better to not endorse another fraudulent election where already an Israeli Company has started the process to be sure to be sure that Mugabe wins again? Perhaps the diasporans need to think out a better way? Perhaps their own Diaspora Bank PLC based in Switzerland – not in Zanu Cuckoo Land?