Digitised radiology equipment at public hospitals by 2020: Minister

Source: Digitised radiology equipment at public hospitals by 2020: Minister – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 11, 2017

HEALTH minister David Parirenyatwa has disclosed that by 2020 all public hospitals would have digitised their radiology services to facilitate screening and diagnosis of TB patients.


Parirenyatwa told the Senate recently that presently 16 hospitals had digitised radiology equipment.

“Diagnosis is free by microscopy and GeneXpert, but patients, who need to have chest X-rays, may be asked to pay a fee,” he said.

“Currently, 16 hospitals are digitised, but this year we are expecting that an additional 20 machines will be procured with Global Fund support and 12 machines from the Chinese will be commissioned, and by 2020 we expect that all hospitals should have fully digitised radiology services, which will make this service almost free.”

The minister said the prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme, which he said had been a success, was being offered at 1 560 sites, reaching 95% coverage from only three sites in 1999.

“This has seen new cases of HIV infections in children reduced in the last two to three decades. As at the end of 2016, mother-to-child transmission of HIV occurring during pregnancy, labour and delivery or post-delivery through breastfeeding in Zimbabwe was down to a rate of 5,2% from a high of 18% in 2011. In the late 1990s it was at a peak of 30%,” Parirenyatwa said.

He said the country had adopted the “treat all” approach, where all people who test positive to HIV would be initiated on anti-retroviral therapy regardless of their CD4 count.

Parirenyatwa said it was worrisome that men were not accompanying their partners for antenatal care, with only 24% of men presented to antenatal care with pregnant women in 2016.


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    This is nonsense, why plan for 2020?….when you currently cannot get an Aspirin on a given day, in these same hospitals.

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    Pari is what you call an ineffectual liar who lines his pockets at any opportunity. I bet he will get his 10% from the company who he decided will win the bid. The Zanoi way!!!!!

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    Another statement demonstrating the paucity of thought in this man. The total 32 machines that he speaks of being digitised Would presumably be distributed to 32 hospitals. They need electricity 24/7, including accessories such as digital image processors and computers. You would then need the whole hospital to be computerised and wired appropriately so that images can be viewed in any ward or clinic. These machines need servicing and maintenance to keep them working.
    You need the health system to be properly manned with appropriately trained staff. At present they depend on donors For funding and donate even the radiology equipment that he speaks of. To talk of the whole country with digitised radiology services seems to be a pipe dream. Just like “health for all by 2020”.