Dokora scoffs at critics

Source: Dokora scoffs at critics – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 26, 2017

PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazurus Dokora has scoffed at critics of his new education curriculum and vowed to soldier on with the programme.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Dokora made the remarks during the commissioning of a classroom block at Sarah Bata Senior School in Gweru on Wednesday.

“Some people have been attacking us on social media, asking why (the new curriculum) has been introduced,” he said.

“Even some of our students, who are always on social media, were saying we don’t want the curriculum. But we stay in a country and not on social media platforms and so we are not perturbed, but would carry on with the task.”

Dokora said the curriculum was a product of countrywide consultations with a view to align the education system with international trends, particularly the need to link theory and practical skills.

“Our emphasis should on the acquisition of lifelong and work-related competencies with the learner taking centre stage of the teaching and learning processes. We must offer learning outcomes that are performance-oriented that reflect competencies required for improved prospects for life, work and leisure in a changing environment.”

The minister has been under fire from stakeholders, who argue that the updated curriculum would cause damage to the education sector.

Dokora is no stranger to controversy. In his first year as Education minister in 2013, he caused an uproar countrywide when he banned teachers’ incentives before he introduced the contentious national pledge, followed by the new curriculum and the goats-for-school fees mantra.


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    Dokora is a mini-Mugabe — he believes he always knows better than everyone else.
    He believes that he must COMMAND education rather than listen and get some consensus from educators to choose how it can be best done.
    So now there is a national outcry, and Dokora responds by scoffing at us.
    When will the nation have leaders who are prepared to listen and work with the people, rather than arrogant fellows who think they always are right, like Dokora and Mugabe?

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    Njenge Witness 5 years ago

    Mr Dokora is right but the only problem with Africans is that we resistance to change…upgrade systems is wat we need..We shud take not that some policies are fruitful in longrun