Don’t blame the chinese or the west; blame the Zanu PF regime

The MDC would like to express its extreme displeasure with the recent utterances by President Robert Mugabe in which he launched a totally reckless and blistering attack on Chinese nationals who live in Zimbabwe. Essentially, Mugabe blamed the Chinese nationals for all manner of misdemeanour ranging from externalising cash as well as abusing and impregnating local Zimbabwean women.

Source: Don’t blame the chinese or the west; blame the Zanu PF regime – The Zimbabwean June 15, 2016

Whilst there could be some element of truth regarding the rather unsavoury and unconventional business practices of certain Chinese nationals who live in Zimbabwe, the real source of the problems that Zimbabwe is currently facing is the rogue and insipidly corrupt Zanu PF regime.

Mugabe has always played the blame game ; particularly when his illegitimate and grossly unpopular Zanu PF regime is facing mounting pressure from the MDC and all other democratic forces in the country. In  the year 2000, Mugabe blamed white people for orchestrating the rejection of the new Constitution in a referendum that was held during the month of February that year. He  immediately ordered and  authorised an orgy of violence disguised as a so-called land reform program. Since then, Zimbabwe’s commercial agricultural sector has been decimated and virtually destroyed. Despite the fact that the Zanu PF regime has taken over 8 million hectares of prime land from the former white commercial farmers for re-distribution to landless blacks, Zimbabwe is now facing the horrifying spectre of starvation which is affecting no less than 4 million people throughout the country.

The MDC has always advocated for a holistic and broad-based land reform program that will ensure that the vital commercial agricultural sector is not destroyed. Zimbabwe’s economy has always been agro-based and so it is little wonder that the virtual collapse of the country’s commercial agricultural sector has brought with it a ripple effect on the whole economy. Factories and industries have been closing since the year 2000 as more and more viable commercial farms were crudely expropriated by the Zanu PF regime. It is saddening to note that instead of parcelling out the acquired commercial farms to people who could productively and efficiently utilise them, most of these farms were allocated to senior Zanu PF politicians and their cronies who had very little or no capacity at all to undertake viable commercial agriculture. To date, black people who have the necessary resources and technical capacity and know how to be viable commercial farmers are still struggling to be allocated agricultural land mainly because most of the prime land has been taken over by greedy, lazy and corrupt Zanu PF Cabinet Ministers, senior civil servants and some other such regime apologists.

The time for playing the blame game is now over. The root cause of Zimbabwe’s socio-economic malaise is the Zanu PF regime itself. Mugabe and his politically decadent and incorrigibly corrupt regime have wrecked havoc on all facets of the people’s lives. This is a regime that has passed retrogressive laws such as the so-called indigenisation law which law has made sure that both domestic and foreign direct investment is stifled and severely curtailed. The MDC has adopted policies that will ensure that the prevailing economic decline is promptly arrested by clamping down on massive corruption as well as immediately repealing the draconian indigenisation law. An MDC government will promote the productive and sustainable use of agricultural land by all Zimbabweans regardless of race, colour or creed. We will undertake a holistic land audit that will be deliberately geared at identifying under-utilised land as well as taking land away from certain individuals who have corruptly allocated themselves several farms.

The MDC government will be people-centred and it will adopt economic policies that are locally relevant but at the same time, these policies will be in tune with the prevailing global trends on both micro and macro economic stabilisation. The MDC is a social democratic political party that will ensure that the vulnerable groups in society such as women, children and the elderly will be properly taken on board in any government planning program. More importantly, an MDC government will strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with the West, the East, the North and the South.





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    tonyme 6 years ago

    The Chinese did all these things with royal impunity. They are protected from the highest office of the land. The presidency should bear the responsibility for all the evils imposed by the Chinese. Even at the airport, they use differ exits band entrances at the expense of the African. The fraudsters, thieves and perverts are treated as something beyond the regular African. Mugabe is the only one who can correct this.

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    ntaba 6 years ago

    I beg to differ. Mugabe cannot fix it – he has created it by his own choice and intent. Mugabe’s death may signal the beginning of the treatment process. While we still wait for Mugabe to die – the country remains in a Mugabe induced coma. In Zanu speak the patient (Zimbabwe) is in a stable and satisfactory condition.

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    Trebor Ebagum 6 years ago

    Zimbabweans caused this. Stew in your own juices. It’s rather satisfying.

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      This is as good and as true as saying that the whites/RF/Smith caused Mugabe and Zanu PF. Just as useful too.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    Zimbabweans are a traumatised people all because of previous regimes including this so called black empowerment government . The only empowerment they want is for themselves. If diversity is an ingredient for improvement then why is this regime so concerned about so many things. They were ‘elected’ to govern and serve the great people of Zimbabwe yet they continue to abuse that power which they do not deserve. How then will the country flourish if incompetence of the highest level is everywhere. If the Chinese or others are not wanted simply tell them to leave. We all know the result after that. You ZANUPF destroyed the country in many ways but you still insist that others are to blame. Was taking the farms the White mans fault for your escapades into the DRC or any other reason . In typical fashion expecting sympathy from others will not help you now sekurus . You have made your bed now lay in it and contemplate or pray for forgiveness. That is if you have any soul , which we all doubt.

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    mukadota 6 years ago

    Wafa Mugabe Fiiiiii!!!!!

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    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    Since ZanuPF cannot learn then let the new generation learn. The lesson of history is this: only inclusive societies progress. Corollary, once a society starts excluding others it regresses. It is telling that Zim “thrived” between 1980 and 2000 when we “sort of” welcomed everyone and collapsed spectacularly the moment we started implementing “indigenisation” and “75% local content” policies. The issue is not to, segregate, bar foreigners or isolate the country but to manage the diversity, influx and interaction with others to the nation’s benefit. This of cause, Zanu PF is not capable of doing – not now, “not in a 1000 years”.

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    Harper 6 years ago

    From April 1980 onwards China, North Korea and Yugoslavia were allowed to export as much foreign currency as they could get their hands on. Most of it given to them by the government for spurious reasons. overpriced heros acre, overpriced 1934 Dodge Trucks, 1940 model Stalin Organs etc. In addition they used local currency to buy commodities (sugar etc.) and exported them with no payment being returned to Zimbabwe. Large quantities of game products (ivory etc.) were exported as diplomatic cargo. ZANU knew all this was going on and prevented officials from taking action. Mugabe has a cheek to complain now! I see that the London Times Newspaper has hailed Zimbabwe as China’s first colony! Enjoy your new masters.

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    Michael 6 years ago

    The big thief – Mugabe – is the chief exporter of currency – nobody comes near him and that includes the Chinese, Every foreign trip has the same objectives – namely to take loot out of the country and to get medical treatment in Singapore. Why blame the Chinese – which Mugabe brought in to help with devious devices to loot and steal.

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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Bob must feather the nest of his one and only little rat (grand son) now with billions in various banks in Singapore..

    he will bona soon