Dzamara pictures: Police summon brother

Source: Dzamara pictures: Police summon brother- NewZimbabwe 31/05/2016

POLICE have summoned the brother of abducted political activist Itai Dzamara after his family, this week, released images of the still missing former journalist apparently in captivity and claimed he was taken by military intelligence.

Dzamara’s brother, Patson, was summoned to Harare Central Police Station by the Officer Commanding CID Law and Order Division Assistant Commissioner, Crispen Makedenge, was told Tuesday evening.

It is understood that the meeting with Makedenge was deferred to Wednesday after Patson indicated that his lawyer was not available and he could only meet the police in his presence.

Makedenge is said to be keen to learn where and how Patson secured the images he claimed were of Itai in captivity as well as allegations that he was abducted military intelligence.

This comes after Patson called a press conference on Monday where he released the images to the media, telling journalists that the family had secured evidence proving that Itai was abducted at the instruction of President Robert Mugabe and his closest allies.

The younger Dzamara said individuals from within the ruling Zanu PF establishment volunteered to the family information regarding Itai’s abduction as well as “why and where he was being kept”.

He however, declined to reveal the names of those responsible for the abduction but promised “to name and shame (them) within the next coming week”.

Itai was abducted close to his Harare home almost 15 months ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

Prior to his abduction, the former journalist had staged protests in the capital accusing Mugabe – in power since independence in 1980 – of bringing Zimbabwe to ruin and demanding the veteran leader’s resignation.


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    spiralx 6 years ago

    We all know what happened – locked up and tortured, died in custody, body secretly buried.

    Only one of thousands of dead Zimbabweans due to ZANU depredations since 1980.

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    if Patson tells the police where he got the evidence, then that poor fellow who gave up the evidence will also disappear.
    be careful when dealing with snakes

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    Simweena Bantu 6 years ago

    Who has pictures of Itai Dzamara’s wife?

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    amina 6 years ago

    Crispen Makedenge is one evil guy who seem to be so silent but to the general population out there when you are heading the department of Crispen its correct to know that person is evil. its not like a cup of tea. Crispen Makedenge, you must really know where Dzamara is. Is it not enough that there has been enough home work done that the evil work is now known. Is it not enough that Dzamara investigators did poorly by beating a peaceful demonstrator like he is a criminal. Expression of opinion is never a crime except in your country Crispen. The old Mugabe all of you guys are fighting to protect has ruined his on life by marrying his secretary and has now became so evil power hungry. Dzamara as a professional could simply have lived his life without interfering in politics, but politics like a career it has a calling. no one can call off that calling regardless of consequences. Its tim ZANU PF and you Crispen accept that MUGABE did have his political life and failed greatly. Stop protecting him by committing more evil