Exiled Zimbos call for unity of opposition political parties

ZIMBABWEAN exiles in the United Kingdom have implored opposition political parties back home to desist from political bickering and unite in order to increase their chances of defeating Zanu PF in the 2018 general elections.

Source: Exiled Zimbos call for unity of opposition political parties – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 5, 2016


The Diasporans expressed concern over reports of fresh divisions within the opposition camp, saying the bickering would assure Zanu PF another landslide victory and further keep them away from home.

United-Kingdom-based MDC-T vice-organising secretary, Olive Ruzvidzo, told NewsDay that thousands of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora were yearning to return home and are hopeful that a united opposition would dislodge Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF’s huge win in Chimanimani and its current drive to unite for the 2018 elections must serve as clear warning as to why the MDC must do more to speed up the coalition talks with other progressive opposition parties in Zimbabwe in order to bring the urgently needed change in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Most Zimbabweans are facing hardships in foreign lands and want to see a coalition between (MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai and (Joice) Mujuru’s ZimPF, as the most viable and effective solution of removing Mugabe’s dictatorship.”

Ruzvidzo said opposition political leaders should put the interests of the people first and unite to remove Zanu PF from power and put in place a new political dispensation that would allow all Zimbabweans domiciled out of the country as political and economic refugees to return home.

“The forced introduction of the bond notes by the Zanu PF government shows that the opposition should do more and work as one body to remove this dictatorship. Zimbabweans were hoping to go back home soon, but it seems things are getting worse with reports of politically-inspired violence,” he added.


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    Majaira Bopoto 5 years ago

    As Zimbabweans I think we should now begin to ask if we really have oppositional leaders or its CIO operatives masquerading as such, in order to present what I would prefer to call a pseudo democracy to the international community. I think Tsvangirayi is satisfied with the pension and having been in the limelight long enough, including being on TV. Zimbabweans love attention never mind how scandalous, that’s why our people attend radio shows in droves never minding that those station have been turned into nothing else but ruling party’s propaganda churning stations. Our so called opposition leaders are mere opportunists who would want people like Dzamaras,Mkwananzi and Mawarire to hand over the country to them on silver platter. They are not politically innovative. They don’t know how to capitalize on a ripe political situation. On the other hand we as the electorate should learn to ruminate on a political move taken before we start showering praises on issues that may turn to have a negative political consequence. GNU is one incident I have seen that we are politically immature. We saw the opposition being led into a political trap that led to their demise. They should have learnt from Mugabe himself when he remained in the bush and told Muzorewa to go to hell with his unholy alliances.

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    Mthwakazi 5 years ago

    There was a proposal this last week by one of the contributors on this platform that both MDC-T and People First should choose an untainted leader to to take the nation to Canaan. I thought this was a plausible proposal and should be pursued. It was suggested that Strive Masiyiwa should be the candidate for that post. I would suggest that we have a pool of these proposed candiadtes and choose the best. These should include Mthuli Ncube and other luminnaires outside the country. I can also nominate myself. I can do a better job than Mgabe and Mnangagwa combined.