FDI against Uncle Bob’s vision, Zhuwao

via FDI against Uncle Bob’s vision, Zhuwao – NewZimbabwe 06/12/2015

INDIGENISATION minister Patrick Zhuwao says his fellow cabinet ministers who are advocating for foreign direct investment are, in some way, denouncing President Robert Mugabe who in 2013 promised the electorate that the party was going to create jobs through the empowerment policy.

Zhuwao, who is Mugabe’s nephew, said he was aware of such fellow party cadres and warned them against interfering with “my” indigenisation portfolio when “you” are looking for “your” foreign direct investment.

“I want to read the indigenisation policy as it is written because there are some of us who are saying that we should set aside indigenisation and go for foreign direct investment,” said Zhuwao while perusing the policy document at the podium.

“To those who are saying that, I am saying when you are moving round and looking for foreign direct investment wherever you go, please leave my indigenisation field”.

“I was given this job by President Robert Mugabe and the job is in line with his 2013 election campaign manifesto of creating jobs through indigenisation and economic empowerment,” said Zhuwao.

He said this in Harare last week when he was addressing mainly Zanu PF delegates to his ministry’s first economic empowerment conference.

His attacks may have been directed to finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and war veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

The two are advocating the engagement of western and Asian economic giants if the country was to realise economic growth.

Zhuwao belongs to the new emerging “youthful” Zanu PF faction code named G-40.

The so-called G-40 is reportedly fighting for Grace Mugabe to succeed her aging husband at both party and national levels. They argue that Zimbabwe should shun the west in its economic revival pursuits and promote local and home grown initiatives.


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    Then what next . We want jobs but Bobo denies . Thats evil

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    machakachaka 7 years ago

    Zhuwawo, FDI can work hand in hand with Indigenisation, as long as the investors come on our terms. This is not in conflict with the President’s vision. If you say calling for FDI is like denouncing the President’s vision, you have misread the President’s mind, Patrick.

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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    This “Indigenisation” (theft and blackmail) is killing Zimbabwe. Good! Roll on Zhuwayo, you are foing a great job. Maybe you want to be as destructive as your uncle? You are certainly as stupid!

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    Its very sad for the suffering Zimbabweans to be led by cruel ppl lyk Zhuwao. I wish he gets into the shoes of ppl