Finland is named the world’s safest country – but the UK and US rank BELOW Zimbabwe

Source: Finland is named the world’s safest country – but the UK and US rank BELOW Zimbabwe

FINLAND has been named the safety country in the world – 77 places ahead of Britain which is considered more dangerous than ZIMBABWE.

The northern European country saw off the United Arab Emirates, Iceland and Oman, which finished second, third and fourth respectively.

Incredibly, Britain could only manage to claim 78th place – behind Zimbabwe, The Gambia and Jordan.

The ranking system was created as part of the World Economic Forum’s Travel Tourism Competitiveness report.

In last place was the South American nation of Colombia, which has for years been plagued by an extraordinarily high crime and murder rate.

Wooden spoon runner up was war-torn Yemen, where a brutal conflict dubbed the “forgotten war” has raged since 2015.

These two countries are preceded by El Salvador, Pakistan and Nigeria respectively.

El Salvador has one of the worst crime rates on the planet and multiple people are killed in the tiny central American country every day.

Pakistan, on the other hand, is home to Islamist militants, including wings of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

And Nigeria is home to Boko Haram, the Islamist movement currently waging war on both its government and the civilian population.


Top 10

1. Finland
2. United Arab Emirates
3. Iceland
4. Oman
5. Hong Kong
6. Singapore
7. Norway
8. Switzerland
9. Rwanda
10. Qatar

Bottom 10

127. Ukraine
128. Honduras
129. Kenya
130. Egypt
131. Venezula
132. Nigeria
133. Pakistan
134. El Salvador
135. Yemen
136. Colombia