First Lady has no Presidential ambitions — Sandi Moyo

First Lady has no Presidential ambitions — Sandi Moyo | The Herald March 29, 2016

From George Maponga in CHIVI
FIRST Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has no ambition to succeed President Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s next leader but is only standing in defence of her husband against people who want to force the President to step down before the end of his term of office, a senior Zanu-PF Women’s League official has said. Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo said there are people who were targeting the First Lady and vilifying her for speaking on behalf of all Zimbabweans who fully supported President Mugabe’s visionary leadership.

Speaking at Museva Village in Chivi South where she was representing First Lady Amai Mugabe at the handover of a new church built by Chivi Rural District Council chairman Councillor Killer Zivhu for the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church (ZAFMC) over the weekend, Cde Sandi Moyo said Amai Mugabe does not harbour presidential ambitions.

“There are some people who are targeting the President’s wife because they are so scared of the power that she is trying to protect. The First Lady is only supporting her husband but there are some people who want to mislead Zimbabweans into believing otherwise,’’ she said.

“She never said she wants to rule this country; let her speak for everyone and she deserves the support of everyone. She stands up because she is the image of the Mugabe home.’’

Cde Sandi Moyo said those wishing to succeed President Mugabe were supposed to be patient and not try to force the veteran Zanu-PF leader out before his time is up.

She said President Mugabe was anointed by God to rule Zimbabwe and would only step down when God wants him to do so.

“Don’t be misled by people who want to force President Mugabe to step down. He continues to rule this country because God wants him to continue doing so, you are going to have another leader at some point but for now President Mugabe is in charge,’’ said Cde Sandi Moyo.

“There are people who have been fooled to follow other leaders; I say to them come back to the fold, President Mugabe is still with us and we pray that he will be there until 2018.’’

Cde Sandi Moyo said Zimbabwe was in the midst of a trying time because of some power- hungry people who wanted to take over the country’s leadership when President Mugabe was still there.

She equated the current situation to the biblical time when Moses was leading the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt only for some to rebel and start carving their own small gods when Moses had gone up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments from God.

The Zanu-PF Deputy Women’s Affairs secretary said President Mugabe was the only leader with the capacity to maintain peace in the country.

“Just look at the history of our country, President Mugabe is the only founding nationalist leader of this country who is still with us today because God is looking after him as he is the only leader who can maintain peace in this country,’’ she said.

“It is God’s wish that President Mugabe is still the leader of this country, 36 years after Independence, President Mugabe is a God-given leader.’’

She called on the church to help the country with prayers so that people uphold good moral values that enable the country to achieve socio-economic development in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Cde Sandi Moyo hailed Clr Zivhu for assisting many communities around the country saying the sky was the limit for the Chivi RDC chair, whom she described as a pragmatic and development-oriented person.

Addressing the same gathering, ZAFMC leader Bishop Ezra Shoko paid tribute to the Zanu-PF Government led by President Mugabe for supporting indigenous churches.

He also paid tribute to Clr Zivhu for his philanthropy saying it was an indication that Zanu-PF leaders had the people at heart.

Clr Zivhu said he was a messenger of President Mugabe and the First Lady, and was sent to effect development especially in remote rural communities.

“I am only an emissary of President Mugabe and the First Lady Amai Mugabe who sent me to make sure that we help each other to meet our Zim-Asset goals. President Mugabe and the First Lady love people, that is why we do not hesitate when they send us to do tasks that improve the welfare of the ordinary people. We are already looking ahead to the 2018 elections where we want to give our President another emphatic mandate to rule this country,’’ said Clr Zivhu.

Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial secretary for the commissariat Cde Jappy Jaboon said Masvingo province was fully united behind President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe, saying those opposed to them were lost deep in the wilderness.

Cde Jaboon donated 50 bags of cement to ZAFMC for repairing the floor in the conference area while Harare South Member of Parliament Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe offered to drill a borehole to ease water challenges during the church’s gatherings.


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    Yayano 7 years ago

    The truth is the first lady has no presidential qualities. Whether she has ambition or not is neither here nor there.

  • comment-avatar
    biend 7 years ago

    she is denying it publicly but I think secretly she does,if she comes out in the open she will be saying she didnt want to be President but People pushed her to be

  • comment-avatar

    mugabe is not a God given leader – he is there solely due to electoral chicanery and political violence

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 7 years ago

    By the Grace of God King of Zimbabwe. That is the biggest load of rubbish i have read for a long time – no President will ever claim that he governs by the Grace of God. Presidents are elected ny the people – but those elections must be free and fair and Zimbabwe follows the golden rule of Stalin – elections are important, bit what is more important is who count the votes. The latter process in Zimbabwe is fraudulent, so Mugabe is in charge because of election fraud – nothing else. Would God accept fraud to implement His will?

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    Oh God, we pray that you deliver us from this evil, the Mugabes!

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    Sandi Moyo, Mahoka, Grace Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwawo, Mandi Chimene, Chipanga and Kasukuwere must force one of their own PROF JONATHAN MOYO, to also sing their song “Mugabe is send by God” mantra.

    I want really to hear Prof J Moyo sing like others, he won’t! coz he cant have it on his chest when he is destroying from within. handei tione

    On a sober note, whether President Mugabe was send by God or not, it is not a duty of the above to blasphemously tell the nation that gibberish as if they are the messengers of God. Did God sent these non-religious people to tell the nation about his subject?

    Where do they draw their spiritual powers to tell us about God the Almighty’s plans on us. Do they think we do not have independent reasoning of our own?

    We see beyond their noses. their only munition to justify their political existence is to pretend that they so love Bob and others don’t. Stupid! if the nation no longer like the President we will be in the streets right now or use the constitution to recall/impeach him, so may these idiots stop daring our conscience

    Blasphemy is illegal so must be some criminal sanctioning to these utterances. This is a common law offense, a public nuisance. All blasphemies against God, including denying his providence and these contumelious reproaches of equating a mortal Robert Mugabe with Jesus Christ is profane scoffing at the Holy Scriptures. Exposing the scriptures to contempt or ridicule, must be punishable by the civil courts with civil imprisonment, community labor and fine.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Piankhi 7 years ago

    I did know that you could put the Mentally Challanged person in a political position. Well I guess in Zimbabwe, anything is possible. Maybe we will see a Baboon, Monkey, Goat, or even a snake hold a Minister’s post one day. OH!!! I forgot they are already!!!!!!!!!!

    Zimbabwe, the laughing stock of Africa, maybe the world. It’s like a comedy show there. Something to make you laugh everyday.