Food basket goes up

The cost of living for a family of six has increased by $3 in November to $574,01 from $571 in October 2016 due to increases in the food basket during the period under review, the Consumer Council (CCZ) has said.

Source: Food basket goes up – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 22, 2016


The food basket increased by $2,87 or 2,29% to $128,34 from $125,47 end of October. The price of detergents increased by 12 cents or 1,04% to $11,67 from $11,55.

“As the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe we assume the slight increase could be attributed to various factors these include the fluctuations of fuel price, the approach of festive season and introduction of bond notes in circulation,” the consumer watchdog said.

CCZ said supermarkets have taken advantage of the bond notes to increase prices of commodities by 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, and customers might not notice it.

The central bank introduced bond notes at the end of November to ease cash challenges.

During the period under review, increases were noted in 2kg sugar which increased by 10 cents to $1,95 cents, while tea bags increased by 16 cents to $1,89. The price of rice increased by 20 cents to $1,85 and milk increased by 10 cents to 60 cents, 2kg flour increased by 5 cents to 85 cents while cabbage cost 45 cents after a 5cents increase.

Bathing soap cost increased to 80 cents after the price was up by 5 cents, tomatoes now cost 78 cents from 3 cents increase. Washing powder now cost $1,49 an increase of 4 cents.

The prices of mealie-meal and laundry soap decreased by 29 cents and 5 cents respectively to close the month at $11,25 and $1.