‘Force, intimidation won’t stop us’

Source: ‘Force, intimidation won’t stop us’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 22, 2016

OPPOSITION parties and activists yesterday condemned threats of violence on pro-democracy demonstrators by Zanu PF youths and urged police to be impartial and arrest all those inciting violence.


Zanu PF youth league political commissar, Innocent Hamandishe on Wednesday said the next time pro-democracy activists hold anti-President Robert Mugabe and government protests, ruling party activists would ask police to step aside to enable them to ruthlessly crush demonstrators.

The thousands of Zanu PF youths, who marched in Harare in an apparent show of strength to intimidate their rivals, sought to instil fear into pro-democracy activists, among them #ThisFlag campaigner, Evan Mawarire.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba declined to comment on the threats saying she was not there when they were made.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said police should take action against Zanu PF youths, who have on numerous occasions been accused of forming militias to brutalise opposition members.

“Zanu PF youth should be brought to order. They should be advised, in no uncertain terms, that they are not a law unto themselves. In fact, these Zanu PF hooligans and hoodlums should be promptly rounded up and arrested for threatening violence. They are criminals. We don’t fear them and they should know that the time of reckoning is nigh,” he said.
Zapu spokesperson, Mjobisa Noko accused Zanu PF of being disdainful.

“Let’s not forget that these thugs thrive on violence and blood sucking such as Gukurahundi, the 2008 killings, abductions and non-observance of the rule of law. However, Zimbabweans have come of age and shall not be intimidated anymore,” he said.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said no one had a mandate to block people’s constitutional rights.

“Unleashing the jobless youths on angry protesters will obviously trigger an endless holy war. The people shall stand in defence of their motherland that has been badly damaged by the Mugabe regime,” he said.

NCA said issues raised by the protestors also affected Zanu PF youths and it was illogical to attack people who were simply demanding a better life from their government.

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe demanded an immediate resignation of Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, adding the threats confirm what they have always been saying that Zanu PF is a violent party.

Elwell Moyo, a member of Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association, said police should arrest the Zanu PF leaders.

“I think the Zanu PF leaders inciting violence must be arrested. We really are tired of Zanu PF’s failure and we cannot take this nonsense anymore,” he said.

Activist, Patson Dzamara said: “Nothing and no one shall cause us to cower from our quest for a better Zimbabwe. There is no one more Zimbabwean than another. Zanu PF youths are not lawmakers neither are they the law.

“We will not be moved. We will continue with our protests so that we can redeem our country from this leadership failure and we are ready for anything.”

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza said he would not back down from the fight for better lives for the people.

“We will remain resolute in our efforts to call the government to address issues affecting the people. No amount of force or intimidation can stop our noble cause and what astonishes me is that the Zanu PF youths want to stop us, but we are protesting for their future,” he told a Press conference yesterday.


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    Reverend 6 years ago

    The sooner zpf see’s the writing is on the wall and their time is up the better as people, especially the zpf yout are going to get hurt real bad and it will be against them for a long time as you cannot fight the whole of the Zimbabwe population. The zpf youth must realize that they are a serious minority and they will be overwhelmed and defeated, so best to bow to superior strength and that goes for the police and army. We know who you are and it will count against you in the end.