Fresh storm rocks Zanu PF women’s league

Mashonaland East Zanu PF provincial chairperson, Bernard Makokove, was last weekend reportedly imposed as the province’s boss, sparking war of words, fresh details have emerged.

Source: Fresh storm rocks Zanu PF women’s league – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 10, 2017

BY Everson Mushava

Makokove was confirmed as the substantive chairperson at a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting held in Marondera last Saturday to replace Joel Biggie Matiza, who was relieved of the position last year.

But fresh details emerging show that party structures, especially the women’s league, were whipped into endorsing Makokove without being afforded an opportunity to debate the matter.

Those who demanded that the party open up a democratic process by making decisions after members had been given room to input were allegedly now targets for victimisation.

One of the party members, Charity Manyeruke, has been hauled before the party’s disciplinary hearing after she challenged the women’s league provincial chairperson, Biata Nyamupinga, over the decision to impose Makokove.

In a letter dated February 7 signed by Makokove, Manyeruke is supposed to appear before the provincial disciplinary committee on March 4 to answer to charges that include insubordination.

The letter also claims Manyeruke said the party had used un-procedural votes of no confidence to fire “innocent members”, thereby, contravening articles of the Zanu PF constitution.

The letter was signed by Makokove on behalf of the deputy secretary for administration for the province.

But in a letter to the secretary of women affairs and First Lady Grace Mugabe dated February 5, Manyeruke said Nyamupinga called the women’s league before the PCC meeting and told them that she had decided on the women’s behalf that they confirm Makokove and it was not subject to debate.

Manyeruke then told her that lack of democratic space for party members was destroying the party, apart from un-procedural votes of no confidence, according to what emerged from the hearing that the party women’s league had fired members.

She also complained against being railroaded to produce, within hours, a workplan that would guide the women for the whole year as had been demanded by Nyamupinga.

She accused Nyamupinga of co-opting some women into the provincial structures without the knowledge of the executive.

In another letter, Manyeruke said the letter she had received exposed a conspiracy against her, adding the charges were unfounded.

“I also think that it will be unprocedural for me to attend the hearing since the women’s league issues are handled by that wing, at least here I am guided by precedent. I am also very clear that the women’s league has not laid any charges against me,” she said.

“I am, therefore, presenting to your high and esteemed office the unfortunate circumstances I found myself in and un-procedural position taken against me as a result of laying bare the root of the problems bedevilling the provincial women’s league leadership.”

The letters were copied to party secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, and national commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, among many others.

Asked for comment, Manyeruke said she would not discuss party issues in newspapers.

“Who gave you the story? Anyway, Zanu PF has internal structures and has ways of resolving internal disputes, not through newspapers,” she said.

Makokove and Nyamupinga were unreachable for comment yesterday.


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    VaChihera: Professor 5 years ago

    Today I wish to address the issues of Zimbabwe Women in Politics. Since time immemorial, African women took their leadership roles as Heads of families in Matrimonial societies found North of Zimbabwe and as Politico-Social leaders as in Mbuya Nehanda the legendary and WVet like Sheba Gava. From 1980, a new type of woman political leadership emerged. Some common characteristics among the majority of them is their close connection through marriages to politically influential men or their close liasoning with them at times at the expense of the generality of the population but for their selfish needs.
    See the vast evidence in many negative stories surrounding Grace 40 and followers. When the Hon Late First Lady of Zimbabwe Sally, was alive, she did not seek political power, she did not confuse the nation, she did not take other women’s spouses, she did not frequent Harrods UK for basic household shopping, she had no scandals, she kept to a correct role to serve the needy and being a role model of a MOTHER of a nation.
    What followed, is for everyone to see. VPs are threatened, Generals too, Citizens’s lands are grabbed and livelihoods destroyed, Cash, large sums are stollen, men and women are rocked against each others. This one has displayed all forms or psychotic behaviour such that I believe even HE is physically abused and a CAPTIVE. She is a legandary MARUJATA.
    She only whispered and Opah Muchinguri, a polished politician was sidelined. When Chris the head of WVets warned that the bedroom coup had happened, he was fired from GOZ and Party. What next? You all saw what happened when wife of HE verbally abused wife of Army Commander who was elevated to be 1st woman VP, she too was fired from GOZ and Party. Opah too was fired from political head of women Party position.
    So we have two senior women left, Angeline Masuku who was also relieved from her provincial ministerial post and Khupe is heading nowhere.
    Women should wake up to their senses and develop good skills in politics to be able to choose independent representatives who can move women forward as in the case of Margret Thatcher. A woman of great potential who liberated Zimbabwe. A woman who led her UK to prosperity!
    I see in this article that a Professor, Dean of Social Studies at a mother University is being rocked politically by allies of so called women in politics yet they are appendages of men in politics. Wait and see where this one is heading. Why, because there are now very poor women political leaders at the top who are appendages of the influential bad performaning men in power! This should be reversed if Zimbabwe women are to take their rightful place in POLITICS.
    I rest my case for the day. VaChihera: Professor