Germany: Zim’s recovery plan spot on

via Germany: Zim’s recovery plan spot on – NewZimbabwe 08/10/2015

GERMANY says Zimbabwe is “now” on the map of “our” finance and the foreign offices because of economic reforms and debt clearance strategy Harare has presented to “us”.

Relations between Zimbabwe and Germany soured in 2002 after Harare was accused of human rights violations ahead of the elections and following the violent land grab exercise which saw white commercial farmers driven out of their farms without compensation.

In the process, Zimbabwe breached the bilateral investment protection agreement (BIPA) which she had with Germany.

As a result of the disagreement the western nation like all other EU member states cut ties with Harare.

In an interview with during his country’s national day celebrations in Harare Tuesday, Germany ambassador Ulrich Klockner said they are going to support Zimbabwe for reconsideration by the international community.

“They presented to us a convincing plan to reform the economy and to clear their arrears recently when we invited them to Germany and my colleagues in Berlin said yes it makes sense  if you do it we will support you ,”said ambassador Klockner.

“That is an important step and on Thursday there is a meeting in Lima (Peru) where this strategy is again presented to the World Bank and other members of the international community.

“So Zimbabwe can go to that meeting knowing that some of most influential board members in World Bank and IMF have already given their green light and I think that is quite some progress.”

Among other reforms, the international community has insisted that government should implement the new constitution which the country adopted in 2013.

“These reforms are at the moment on paper but they are the right things and if they are implemented and policies then we think Zimbabwe is in the right track and many things will be possible,” Klockner said.


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    IAN SMITH 8 years ago

    Once again all talk no action, Just hand over the cash or Mercedes